How hairy are you downstairs

I don’t know how to properly answer that.

Do they have ankle flavour?


well lawn-scaped.

I like the 70’s look.

I do whatever the man wants. Right now im shaved and shampooed all over.

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I’m bushy.:slightly_smiling_face:

I stopped shaving etc.

I’m hairy all over and i don’t care.

My boyfriend doesn’t mind thankfully.

I have black hairs on my legs.

I don’t like shaven all over on genitals.

I have done it in the past to please a boyfriend I had.

Hopefully never again.

It’s expensive with laser hair removal and i don’t want to spend that much money on it.

One of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen was a hippie chick with hairy arm pits.


I tried going in the basement but I honestly did not see a difference between there and upstairs. :nerd_face:

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If somebody would have told me years ago that I would have enough long hairs to braid I would have thrown up shaving on a 3-month basis just to keep the white stuff from the toilet paper from sticking is gross enough

My downstairs grows like miracle grow I trim. I wish my head hair grew that fast.

Hahahahha what a question.


I have dreadlocks. lmao. Just kidding. Well, you see, when puberty came a knocking late the summer before I started High School it waved it’s magic wand and said, boop, period, boop, boobs and then when it came time to say boop again for hair it took a nap instead. I don’t have any in my armpits or on my legs either.

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Shaving pubes suuuuuucks.

Like, not even 30 mins after I shave downstairs I morph into a rabid raccoon scratching at my cootch.

I’ve tried shaving with multiple shaving aids, and most recently epilating my downstairs, and the aftermath is intensely uncomfortable.

I’m super prone to ingrown hairs, which just makes everything look and feel even more unsightly as well.

Trimming with a trimmer isn’t bad, and keeps my area looking and feeling decent.

I prefer some hair— I think the bald look is a little… Prepubescent-looking :nauseated_face:.

My boyfriend is hairy, which I like. A clean-shaven peen just screams “high-maintenance” to me.

I prefer my boyfriend to be more on the natural side, but at the end of the day, whatever is most comfortable for him is best for us.


I just go to the barber shop and ask for a comb over every few months. :smirk::smiley:

I was born in the 60’s I keep it natural.


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