How good of a person are you? poll

  • nice person
  • wouldn’t hurt a fly
  • stomp on the flowerbeds
  • i swear a lot
  • i think of others
  • generally hate most people
  • people say i’m nice
  • up for a laugh
  • forget all my problems
  • too nice for my own good
  • other

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Good morning @asgoodasitgets !

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it is nice here but i feel a bit sore in the head,

i poured myself some orange juice and put ice in it.

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I’m still sleepy, just having my morning coffee. Didn’t need any sleep aid last night, that was cool.

I’m sorry your head is sore. Do you know why that is?

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no, idk, maybe been on here too long last night idk, and i haven’t taken meds yet

but i will

Make sure you do!

Yeah last night was a busy one here lol

i know, i just been wanting to read my batman comic that i bought lol, its really good

its the first of the Hush series and batman has just seen the green lantern as a child,

Never read it, saw all the movies though.

But I bet its good

I think of others and I am consider a nicey person.I am trying to be less submissive and be more dominant and socialable

people say I’m nice. Other than my family, I don’t think a lot of helping others or do charity but this is after antipsychotics. I was more caring before.

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This depends on the day.

Some days… everything is lined up right and I have the energy to go the extra mile for others…

Some days… I’m flat and small nice polite gestures don’t even cross my mind.

I try to always be a kind person if nothing else… but I know that due to just who I’ve become… I don’t always come off as polite.

But I wouldn’t hurt a fly and I will stick up for the underdog.

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I marked ‘generally hate most people’ I don’t see how that makes me a ‘bad’ person…I figure that im just aware.

a quarter think of others so far, i find that encouraging

I make an honest effort to be the best friend I could be to my friends. I am often the driver and I am pretty mature for the most part. Sometimes they’re like “nope I’m driving you’re gonna ride and have a couple beers” which is cool, they appreciate my concern. I like to make sure that I make people laugh or at least smile. I’ve seen a lot of pain and nasty ■■■■ and I like to preserve good untainted people.

I used to be “good and untainted”. I have insight into that and super ■■■■■■ up.

I am nice and proper to most. Now when it’s a swarming crowd, I get what I came for and gtfo. But yeah I am proper to most regardless of my first impression of them, and to my friends I am actually pretty damn nice.

I think that even “neurologically evil” people can be good and do good.

I picked “wouldn’t hurt a fly”, because I literally wouldn’t. I get made fun of by friends for a time I managed to corral a wasp in my house, only to find it was pouring down rain when I tried to release it outside. So I found some pieces of wood and made a rain shelter for it. It stayed in the shelter until the rain had passed. I know, because I kept checking on it to make sure it was okay. :no_mouth:


i’m a sith lord…kinda says it all :imp:
take care :alien:

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