How dose your car smell poll

how dose your car smell
  • 1 like ciggs and old farts
  • 2 Mc Donalds bags
  • 3 like a Airfreshener
  • 4 old perfumes
  • 5 motor oil
  • 6 none of these

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@DrZen do you hate me? Best to be honest.

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My car smells like my vape juice lol

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My car is odorless.

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My vape juices are all fruits :grin:
Green apple, watermelon, cherry, orange and peach.


Think i’m getting the old MacTwitches lol

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I misread this thread as “How does your cat smell?” The poll choices were pretty funny if applied to a cat :cat: instead of a car :oncoming_automobile:.


It smells like McDonald’s ( we go every Friday) and also dog.

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