How does schizophrenia start out?

My thoughts are being broadcasted over tv and radio. Every one is watching my thoughts over their phones. And now i hear voices in my ear. The voices started a few days ago. How does schizophrenia start out? How did you know you had it?


With me it started with intense anxiety and social withdrawal. I used to think that there was something very odd about the way I was sitting in class, and I thought the other students were thinking I needed to go to a mental hospital, which would have been a big humiliation to me at the time. I’ve overcome that feeling, though. I’ve been hospitalized around twenty times, and I don’t feel embarrassed about it. I thought for a long time that my problem was anxiety and depression. Other people kept telling me I was mentally ill. Now I’m in an assisted living center for the mentally ill. If you can beat this on your own that’s good, but don’t be ashamed to reach out for help if you need it.


For the longest time i didnt think i had schizophrenia. I honest thought i was physic… i know it sound stupid as heck… but i was 15 and being munplated by a fake friend that i was for 3 years. And would pretend to be my imagery friend at the time just to use and abuse me to get what she wanted. For 3 years this lasted. After that i didnt seek help till 3 years ago. So all thos time i was living in a delustion for 7 years.

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Can I ask your age? @anon55704218

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My late 20s. 151515

Ok. I was diagnosed at 27
For me it started out as forced speech
Uncontrollable. The meds corrected it.

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For me it started with auditory hallucinations.
I thought it was a divine revelation

Have you ever had the tv or radio delusion? Or do you know someone who have?

Oh yeah all the time
The paranoia never goes away
You can PM me if you’d like

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Ok im going to message you.

in my case it started out when I was 17.

I think at that age I was pretty tired and bored of life and pushed my brain into a psychotic state.

life sucks.

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Whats wells with getting the vioces and paranoia to stop is listening to classical music. I can send you some i listen to help me out with it.

I listen to it on the radio
But there’s still a radio host.

Mine started when I got sick and needed surgery for a non-related matter.

It started when I was deep in love with a wonderful and amazing woman that rejected me and ignored me but liked many other boys.

I was born with it so I didn’t know anything else.


Trauma and attachment issues spiralling out of control - in me. I knew i had it because i was forcefully taken to a hospital and drugged.

This, it’s exactly how it started for me.

That is horrible experience. It made me until today not believe in my self and having problems with woman. I wish I never met this girl. How are you now? How did you recover? I still think of her.

My first signs were things I didn’t even notice:

  1. hearing a faint sound coming from upstairs that I didn’t even pay attention to, and
  2. being under the influence of the following condition:
  • Feeling of being mentally burdened or blocked by something
  • Feeling of something almost physically occupying my head
  • Troubles with learning and reading
  • Nonvivid perception of the world
  • Obstructed breathing
    … which I also don’t even notice, until one day all those problems suddenly disappeared, and reappeared a few seconds later, and then I realized something’s been wrong with me.

Those 2 things were there for a long time, possibly for years without me knowing something’s wrong. Even the day I realized that something is not right I didn’t know it was schizophrenia.

Some time later something was controlling my body (started with the eyes apparently sending me signals with up-down-up and left-right-left movements, then rest of the body started moving).

Months later, when I started hearing voices, I didn’t immediately go to the doctor. It happened maybe a month later from that point.

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