How does one overcome avolition?

And motivate oneself to do things that one hasn’t done for a long time since before sz/sza? I want to write again and paint and clean house and brush my teeth every day and read more and cook new meals and eat healthier etc etc but this damn sza makes it so difficult to do these things. It’s like I’m chronically lazy most of the time.

Avolition is probably the worst symptom I have. I think exercise helps. If I don’t exercise I end up feeling like doing absolutely nothing at all. Avolition is difficult to deal with. I have a complete lack of motivation to do anything. The main reason I exercise is because I worry about my health declining as I grow older.

After I do I feel more motivation to do small chores.


I feel funny going outdoors. I see strangers and want to talk to them. It’s boring too. I’ve got to get out today. Keep taking your meds. Pain will motivate you to do Something. If I can’t do anything I’ll at least not have done harmful things, like drug use and abusing people. I have three plates and three bowls only and I clean the kitchen daily. I shower and shave just enough. I practice guitar and mandolin most days, after procrastinating and maybe play mandolin 12 minutes. I clean my apartment after I’ve thought about it for a long long time. It took twenty years to get into the habit of brushing my teeth. The cleaning issue is psychological, it is not hard, unless you have physical disabilities. I wait and wait and finally do it, always on my own time, I’m spoiled, I never had kids to take care of. It’s all about self esteem to me and my worth is from what I do each new day.

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I had avolition and laziness for everything,
shower, walking etc.
Now I don’t have any.
I take showers regularly, i walk every day.
I’m lucky then

My doctor told me to find something that interests you, and then do that. There has to be something that you enjoy to do, if not, then its time to find something and enjoy it.

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For me it’s all about doing it before I can think myself out of it. Like I have to do PT every day, not my favorite thing, but when it comes to mind I get up immediately and do it, because if I start thinking (overthinking, actually), I’m gonna have a hard time getting my head back into motivation.

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