How does one highlight

It’s been suggested that I highlight and I don’t know how.

Do you mean highlight a quote?

If I understand your question, this is how it’s done : take your mouse and drag the courser (arrow?) over what you want to use as a quote in your reply of the persons post. Some grey lettering will come on above it that says “Quote reply” click on it. It will appear in a box on your screen and you can enter your comment.

sample sentence, sample sentence,sample sentence.

OK, drag across the above, wait for the grey letters, click on them. Enter reply.
Of course I might have misunderstood what you are asking for so this might look a little weird…

Thanks, Nick . It’s what I wanted.

Did I get it right?


Yeah, it looks good

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Correct-a-mundo. Quite an accomplishment, it places you right next to John Glenn and Ghandi in the annals of history.

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