How does lithium make you feel?

I’m on 600 mg twice a day and man, it sucks all the enjoyment out of my life. How can little tablets make me feel so horrible? I feel way too leveled out, I can’t stand it. How do you overcome this feeling? I’m on a court order, and being watched by workers, so I have no choice but to take the meds. I am growing weary of feeling so bogged down, my brain is being grinded against a massive cheese grater.

How does lithium make you feel?

I can’t feel much from up but I dont feel very while taking it suicidal like normal, but im on a small dose.

WOW did I butcher that last sentence. The sentence should of said:

I can’t feel much from it. I dont feel very suicidal like normal while taking it but im on a small dose.

Interesting, glad you don’t feel suicidal on it, that’s good, good of course. :slight_smile:

Do you get other side effects from it? For does it make you feel like a zombie? I’m just curious encase I ever have to go on a higher dose.

I can’t say that I experience other side effects from lithium, other than feeling like a zombie that doesn’t want to talk much, or do anything physical, I don’t even want to do fun things like read or play guitar. I guess that would mean anhedonia is another side effect. But that’s it I suppose.

Hopefully if you get to a higher dose you’ll feel pretty alright still. My Dad is on lithium, and he says he feels great on it. Don’t understand how, but whatever, haha. So maybe you’ll feel like my father, hope so anyways, wouldn’t want anyone feeling like how I feel.

Take care.

I was like that when I first was prescribed. You come to understand over time.

I’ve heard that lithium works on the manic side of bipolar depression quicker than it does the depressive side. The dose required for lithium to be effective is close to the dose at which it becomes toxic. See if they’ll decrease your dose. Also, you’re supposed to drink a lot of water when you’re on lithium.

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I have no side effects from it when I first toke it made me nauseous but now I’am feeling better great drug I feel like I’am free from this illness as long as I take it.

Do you have sz or bipolar? And are you on any other medications?

well from what i understand iam both i think called schizoaffective. Yes i take other medication. Yea iam not really bent on labels either so even no they say that i don’t like it. I’am focused on my own personal happiness and sharing my experience’s with others so they can too perhaps find happiness inside themselves.

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