How do you rate your humor? Test

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I have NO to LOW sense of humor
On a score of 1 - 7 a 1.5

I did not take the test - the questions to depressing.


I will take it in a bit

…and he never lost his sense of humour. What you don’t have you can’t lose.:alien:

I’m not clicking on that. sorry.

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Schizophrenia definitely made me lose my sense of humor. Sometimes I will recognize something as funny and not laugh (affect wise) or sometimes I will miss the joke entirely. And I can’t seem to come up with my own jokes anymore.


I always get other people’s jokes.

But it’s a week later, long after the moment has passed. Even then I often fail to connect to the humor.


I’m not funny. When I am it’s usually by accident. I also don’t find most funny things to be funny. I’m not a fan of comedies shows and movies and definitely not stand up comedy.

It’s hard to relate to people because of it.

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My sense of humor is similar to my sense of smell. I’m very animal. My mom reads a lot and is supercilious.

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