How do you manage the voices in your head

how do you manage them

I tell them to shut up and they usually do.

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I let them happen. they dont last much


I swallow a little red wine

I take my meds, use humor, keep in perspective that no one can hear them, learn not to be shocked by the thoughts in my head, or the actions of others, sometimes i play with the voices, and sometimes finding something constructive to do helps. It also helped me a lot to accept that they may never go away.


It’s meds or I’m 24/7 voices

I remind myself that they’re just voices, and that they can’t do shite. It’s MY body, and they can’t make me do anything I don’t want no matter how much they beg or threaten.


I nolonger have voices,Maine’s,screams and gunshots.:tada::metal:t5:

When I did have voices,mosnrs,screams and gunshots 24/7 I did not handle it very well.

Sleep or being sh## faced was the only time I did not hear them.

I was in agony .

Tormented etc

Unfortunately I was a binge drinker because of this but never drs k daily but still made me behave horridly and be a sl## with out wanting g not enjoying it.

I had sleeping tablets back in those days.

I used to slap myself really hard trying to get them out of my body.

I would slap myself and say get out…

I think I was on some form of anti psychotic that did not help me but made it worse.

I was also on theralen , nozinan and a few other meds.

Strangely enough the voices,Maine’s etc seemed to go away in same time I quit smoking cigarettes.

Some coping tools I had was that I learnt how to knit basic stitch and listened to gospel on Casey and radio and boys to men and s few other songs.

I wrote to do lists and ticked off.

It could be simple things.

Remember things can get better and miracles do happen.

Today I am so much better than I was and a lot of that is because I do not drink alcohol.

I feel more like myself now.

I was not myself as a child or young adult really as I was mostly in other places or so.

I still get some angry men inside me and it can be so intense hysterical etc that I can get overwhelmed by it along with panick breathing difficulties etc

But I think they might love me and visa versa in a platonic way.

I used to think one of them could be my real father but he is not and I then thought he is just close to my energy and I wonder if I have same sense of humour as some of them meaning we could laugh together.

Wishing you feel better soon.

I take meds and play music from which is mostly lyric free, to help me concentrate. Sometimes I play a jazz playlist that is also lyric-free.

That’s of you say that one of them you thought was your dad. Cause I had a voice in my head one time talk to me just like my dad would and asked him questions and answers them just like my dad would

For example the voice said " mad as hell with the third generation" and I took that as he was mad he didn’t get to see his grandkids

So don’t say you think one of them might have been your dad but wasn’t cause spirits can talk to us especially your loved ones. I truly believe that

24/7? really? I only hear em sometimes…

Me too. I only hear my voices on occasion. They come up on me usually when I least expect it. Then they distress me so what I do is listen to music and tell them to go away. Usually within an hour my voices calm down and I feel exhausted and rest.


me too. 1516164yty5uyu

Labelling and mindfulness!

Lately they’ve been bad. I argue with them logically, which doesn’t work because they just say the same ■■■■■■■■ later like it never even happened. They have no shame. I used to listen to music to distract myself.

what is labelling

When you label a thought, noise, voice etc as that…

So say I hear voices while meditating, I’d label it was a voice by saying voice in my head.

Or someone has the hedge strimmer out, I’d label it as a noise by saying noise in my head.

This helps put things in their place and helps me to meditate more easily!

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a long time ago I set my brain up like a desk top. The stapler goes where it’s easy to reach on the right side the tape goes on the left bc you don’t use it as often, the in box is closest to the door, etc. I have my voices set up kinda like that. They are all in colored circles, when someone starts talking they are supposed to hi-light so I can give them attention when I’m ready. So when I blink or close my eyes I can actually see the little buggers too. This is a very organized way to be crazy, however when I’m sick everyone starts talking at once and I don’t know what the hell is going on anyway so it’s more of a OCD thing than a help I think. But at least I tried to be organized. btw I did this long before I knew those voices were abnormal. Now I have a bunch of colored circles permanently etched into my minds

I tell them off. a lot are morons

I take my medicine and watch what I eat. I try to go for walks. I take naps.

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