How do you manage school? Work?

With my lack of attention motivation cognitive impair I’m wondering if I should give up on the school idea. I don’t want to have to do another medical withdrawal. I’ve tried Minocycline , Strattera, sarcosine nothing really works. For those of you who do school how do you manage.

I use a very structured schedule that I must abide by. I have to work a it everyday to make sure things get done.

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What do you go to school for?

Highschool currently starting college next year.

Going to school online really helped. I graduated at the top of my class last August. I didn’t have the pressure of taking exams as it was all writing papers. That helped me create my own schedule. My concentration is horrible but I’m very smart so that helped. I was also passionate about my major. Good luck to you! :sunny:

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I take online classes. They are ideal for people who can’t sit in a classroom.

my SZ wasn’t triggered until two years after college, but i work full time, and the way i do it is with my ESA (emotional Support Animal) in my case a dog.

Most colleges allow these animals, if you have a doctors note.