How do you know u have sza

My pdoc is questioning it

Do you have a mood disorder + psychotic smptoms

I think SZA is when you have major depression or mania?

I’m not sure if I’ve had mania? What are the symptoms?

I mean it’s hard to understand the generic symptoms on the net. Better to hear from someone who has experienced it

I know very little about mania - i just know I have been diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenia on paper - but in therapy and case management - sometimes they use SZ and SZA interchangeably. But I would be SZA depressive type. I never experience mania.

Mania is where you feel on top of the world. You have a lot of energy, you feel you have special powers (sometimes, not always) , you think everyone is thinking fondly of you.

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Yes I have definitely felt like that. Do you neglect things aswell?

Not to sure on that. I’m not an expert. But my sister has bipolar and she explained her manic phases to me. In all reality you should talk to a psychiatrist about your symptoms.

@Windy Do you have deep depression too? I guess SZA Bipolar type would make sense if you have Mania which you get high, but if you get high you also have to be down. I am totally just guessing I am no expert.

I think after long term treatment, if you switch docs without medical records, its hard to diagnose a person cause your symptoms are treated with medication.

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