How do you guys stay sober at night when you have nothing to do?

How do you guys stay sober at night when you have nothing to do?

Coffee and tobacco and this forum. That’s been my day everyday for a long time now.

You giving the alcohol a rest tonight?

I drink very little.

But this is one way to stay sober:

I’m trying to. 15 characters

Cool, pansdisease. I am watching it now.

I used to get ■■■■■■ up almost every day between weed or alcohol. Not so much the alcohol. Once the hallucinations started and I was put under practical house arrest I don’t really drink any more and I definitely don’t smoke pot. It’s pretty boring but I’ve grown comfortable with it. Healing is my obsession but at the end of the day it is really just time to rest. Music, youtube, tobacco, this forum.

My craving, obsession and compulsion to use drugs or drink was lifted from me in 1990 thanks to AA, CA, and NA. I have no desire to drink. I come on here, I read, I watch DVD;s, I clean around the house, I go for walks, I take a drive.

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I started praying a few days ago. It was the first time I did any serious prayers since I threw away all my religious books/objects. I was reading out of psalms. Then I noticed that night that the female voice started coming back. I don’t know what she said, I didn’t tune into it. I considered that a bad sign, I could sense her and hear her muttering things, so I put my bible away. That morning I had a disturbing sexual dream of which I was not in. it was like watching a movie instead, and I think the evil female entity had something to do with it.

i Play music. either guitar or piano. reading, watch movies

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The reason I got rid of my religious objects is because this female entity used to sexually attack me. I was mad I was not afforded spiritual protection.

I thought your entity was gender queer. Doing what it wanted.

Stay bizzy with hobbies. Lots of hobbies. Never let yourself run out of things to do.


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What would an entity need with gender anyways? If it’s got no body it’s probably not male or female.

This female entity is different than my main entity, Bryan.

Who’s crazier, male or female voices? POLL

Both are pretty crazy in my experience. It was a male entity that was trying to make me commit suicide. Well it started of as a transexual. whoa man creepy memories.

The trans ones are the craziest hands down.

Not saying anything about real trans people though.

■■■■ kind of freaked myself out when I remembered that ■■■■. Now I want to think about that day. The height of my psychosis. Totally weird ■■■■ was going on. Thank god none of this ■■■■ is real.

Update: the feeling passed.

Really to answer your original question. How we do we stay sober? We don’t drink or use drugs. It’s that simple.

All you gotta do is quit drinking or using drugs and do anything else instead.

If you want to stop drinking as a way of coping, then you need to find another coping skill to replace it with. It doesn’t work to just say, “Okay, I’m going to stop drinking,” because you can only hold out for so long before it gets intolerable. What you need to do is find another outlet that works for you. When I gave up drinking, I replaced it with taking Benadryl and passing out, which I deemed to be slightly healthier. It got me through the nights for a while. Then I replaced that with drinking lots of coffee so I got really giddy all the time. That gave me enough energy to fill my days with tons of activities, so now by the time it’s night, I’m so exhausted I just collapse into bed. I think finding the right meds also helped. You take risperidone, right? It sounds like it might not be working that well.