How do you find purpose in the evenings?

I need to work out how to stay awake. My new meds make me so sleepy. What do you guys do to keep occupied and draw the evening out? I don’t like giving in every night and ending up in bed by 8pm or earlier.

Can you take your meds at bedtime?


Have to take them early otherwise will forget them completely

I watch sports, listen to music, try to find girls, go to bars with friends I dont drink tho……do u have a problem with drinking

actually a new study says its not good!!! theyre always changing their minds on this!!!

I dont drink at all and I feel really healthy!!

I cant cuz im on naltrexone…I cant swallow more than half a beer…well its been 6 months since I attempted

drinking in moderation…any amount of alcohol is bad

they used to say 2 glasses of red wine for men and 1 for women at dinner was good for you but someone posted a study that any amount of alcohol is bad

Back to the topic…
I get on the internet with the intent to learn new things, but usually just spend time doing not much else but posting here.
It’s ok, it’s a good thing😬

theres always contradicting studies…not sure who to trust… either way, I cant drink on my meds (naltrexone specifically doesnt allow me to drink/get a buzz at all!)

and im so grateful because I was an alcoholic…but I HATED alcohol…well a lot of things about it…I couldn’t drink in moderation…now I go to bars and I dont drink but I kinda getting sick of the bar scene already except for the music…

it just ■■■■■■ with me mentally, spiritually and made me sick because I would get black out drunk and stuff off 4 24 ounce steele reserves every night and I was a small dude…

what caused your dissassociation

gotchcya….because if it was drugs id might have the answer for you…but if its just natural…I dont think this med that worked for me after a bad shrooms trip would do anything for that type of dissassocation

but it has healed me its crazy

My purpose in this life is to make it to the next by serving Him and serving my fellow human beings. Period.

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