How do you face

Housework all the time?

I just get it done regardless of how I feel, makes me feel clean and refreshed :sweat_smile:

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I do minimal housework. I don’t mind living with a little dirt. I do try to keep things sanitary.


Kitchen is my priority!
Just also a mess all the time cos I cook so much


I do a little bit every day so it doesn’t get overwhelming. Once a week I do a deep clean


I schedule 2 hours a day for housework. I rarely have chores enough to do a full 2 hours.

Some days I just can’t, be it positive symptoms occupying my mind, or negative symptoms holding me back. I have to forgive myself and be honest that I need self care.


I clean when I can’t face the dirt anymore or when my husband complains.

Earlier today I swept the carpets in our three bedrooms because I got fed up with the dust in the corners. This after months of looking at it.

Felt good afterwards and my husband was happy too :blush:

The kitchen sink needs attention too, and the bathrooms. Maybe I’ll do them tomorrow…or the next day…or the next.


Sounds about right

Because this apartment is the easiest place to keep clean I’ve ever lived. It’s small and me and my roommates just divide chores monthly. One guy does the bathroom for a month and the other guy does the kitchen for a month and then we switch. The living room just takes vacuuming once every couple of weeks and wiping down a few coffee tables with Pledge. Whoever feels like doing it will do it, no problems there.

The kitchen is just immediately cleaning up after yourself every time you fix food and sweeping and mopping the floor. We can go a month or two without any big projects. For example, I’m going to clean the inside of the refrigerator one of these days.

The bathroom is small too, so it’s basically just cleaning the shower, the toilet and the sink. Easy.


With great difficulty. I hate housework. I try to keep on top of things daily and once a week do a big clean like dusting and vacuuming/cleaning kitchen and bathrooms.

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When I lived with my x I cleaned once a week.

I miss living with him n girls .
Was perfect but want to be on a vegan diet.

I don’t clean as much anymore.

Can go a couple months without washing sheets and vacuuming now.

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I just keep lawn chairs in the living room…hose them down once a month.


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