Over the last two or three weeks, I have been doing a tiny bit of housework every single day and my apartment is so clean it almost sparkles.

Everyday I choose just one small area to clean. For instance, one day I’ll choose to vacuum the living room and that is all I’ll do. The next day, I’ll choose to dust the living room and that is all. And go onto next room and then the next in the same way until your whole place is clean. And then, start all over again.

This is all coming from a woman who used to never do any housework and used to only take two showers a month. (I take two baths or showers per week now).


Rooting for you. Your method of doing housework inspires me. I think I’ll follow your example.

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Very cool and a good way of doing it. I struggle sometimes to do things so making them smaller and more often helps me a lot. Just need some motivation to mow my yard this weekend!

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Smart girl! Way to find an easier way to get things done. I just might copy you.

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