How do you deal with paranoia

I have noticed that when I carefully analyze any paranoid processes and thoughts, I can deal with paranoia quite well and often I realize that triggers causing paranoid processes are quite insignificant.

Rationality and trying not to think about it.

I’m officially diagnosed PSZ, but I don’t feel that paranoid anymore. Internally or externally. It’s more like anxiety now.

Paranoia can be unconfirmed.

Paranoia is one of the hardest things to deal with for me, I usually manage like the first commentor, carefully analyzing the situation. I also write down how I feel because I think more clearly if I can read over what I feel, I also listen to music and rock back and forth until I can clearly straighten out my thoughts, but sometimes I have to do it for a long time before i get true clairty.

I don’t have paranoia so much anymore, not like I use to anyway.

Now unless I take my medication I have severe anxiety bordering on irrational rage,which just as bad

Its tough, I try to use logic but it is very difficult for me - I freak out a lot