Schizophrenia and School

Hi guys I am recovering from schizophrenia and am on a web development course.
I however am very behind on my school work because I cant seem to focus and do them.

Is this normal effect of schizophrenia? I find it very frustrating because now that I am finally in a course that I want but I cant seem to pull myself out of a rut and focus on my studies.

Has anyone gone through the same issues? Any tips?

When you say you cannot focus… does that mean due to hallucinations p/voices? Or just motivation? I for instant have problems with both things. Which makes me unable to continue.

Motivation. I just cant bring myself to do the assignments and follow class on the exercises.
Some days are good but some days are really bad.

You dropped out of class?

My problem is work motivation.

You need to motivate yourself towards a dream. A project you really care about. That will push you forward to learn what you need

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Okay I will try that, thanks!

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