How do people

How do people compose themselves so much? I always feel like I’m on the edge. Edge of my seat, emotions and composure. Is it the sz? I just want to loose my $@#& sometimes. Blahh. :exploding_head::astonished::pensive:

You gotta pick your spots. There’s a time for everything. I am on edge too a lot. A lot. Most of the time I am one thought away from really losing it.

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I’ll try that. :thinking:

My brain is like a split screen. I keep my true self and my true reactions separate from people the best I can until I’ve had time to process. Then once I’ve had time to make sure I’m not being psychotic about something I’ll react. I guess you can say I’m not very genuine, but it’s for the safety and well being of everyone concerned. I would be very bizarre if I just went off the cuff. When I’m manic and I don’t use my filter I’m intolerable.


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