How do people chug soda?

I’ve seen people chug soda on Youtube in seconds. Juice I understand, but fizzy drinks?..

Soda is carbonic acid when it hits the throat, so idk how these guys don’t burn their throat.

Sometimes I chug soda. I just like how cold and refreshing it is. The sugar’s not good for me though.

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If You “chug” Soda It Burns Yes.

If You Don’t “chug” Soda It Doesn’t Burn Yes.

How It Is Done, Is An Amazing Feat Nonetheless.

One Gently Grabs The Fierce Bottle. Filled With Colourized Liquid.

Now Depending On The Flavour, One May Burn More Than The Other.

No I Am Not An Expert. Although, i Personally Enjoy My Soda’s On Pure Occasion.

Like The Turquoise Marble Pyramid Stones Dancing In The Stream Of Sparkling Currents.

For Example:::~ Dew Droplets Burn Not Of None.

The Rest Burn As Fire In Deep Caves Of Spider Webs Weaving Among Gemstones.

Nice Topic Eternal Wanderer. . . . . . .

I can chug a ton of water in fact I do everyday I chug everything.I drink coffee really fast too I’m fast you might say!

I’m a sipper. If I try to chug it always ends up going down the wrong way and I end up coughing

its harder than chugging alcohol imo but not impossible. kinda cold and tingly but it can be done if u ignore the feeling and practice

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