How do others tell if food is OK?

I spend so much time doubting my sense of sight and hearing… and I doubt and double check my perceptions a lot… that I tend to double check my sense of taste.

Sometimes I swear something is off, it doesn’t even look right, but my sis says it taste fine…
other times, I think something is fine and my sis takes it away from me and throws it away hoping I didn’t eat any.

I know that durning my onset, or during a break, my senses are hyper so the smallest grain of salt taste like the enter salt shaker, one drop of Sriracha tastes like a bottle full.

Does anyone else have this problem? If so, how does anyone else figure it out?

Hi J good morning - I am pretty sure the meds have affected my sense of taste. Now that I am off of Depakote my senses are heightened a bit - colors are more noticeable, sounds, and I can actually taste my food now a lot better than before

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Not an easy question to answer actually. My hubby will eat things that I won’t. I try to throw stuff out before he can eat it.

My son goes through phases where he loves cheese then he states that it doesn’t taste right that it must be old or gone bad. No, it’s new and it tastes fine. I have a theory about this. There are times when certain foods will taste good and I want to eat them. It’s like my taste buds are saying yes! yummy! I want! A week later I may not want it the same. It’s like my taste buds are saying no… not today… don’t feel like that right now… I think with my son that perhaps that sense may be hyperactive or perhaps his brain just doesn’t interpret the signal the same so it gets interpreted as “this tastes bad” when really it is “I’m not on the mood for that right now.”

Other then that I try to go by certain guidelines. Once cooked food is usually good in the fridge for up to 3 days, then it should be thrown out. My son watches best before dates pretty close so rarely do things get kept past that date. Items left out in the air for longer then 24 hours is probably not good anymore, except for fruit.

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I’ve never experienced this…I’ve never received those gifts from the head circus. I do know that cooking food before you eat it is the best thing to do. I usually cook chicken or my mom cooks chicken and I eat a lot of bread. Other than that I eat what I call “poopy cereal”, kashi protein-fiber cereal with whey protein and soymilk. Its got a ton of fiber in it, hence the name. It also tastes like poop. :smile:

But I do remember my sight and hearing being sharper when I was unmedicated. I could hear the tiniest little things, like my dad snoring downstairs, and it was loud to me, it kept me awake. I noticed my vision became a little less sharp when I got on meds, I used to be able to read street signs from really far away. I still have perfect vision according to tests. I guess there is vision sharper than 20/20? I used to have it

All in all, you are what you eat, so be careful not to mistake some five day old taco bell for something else. You could get food poisoning, so maybe let your sis tell you what’s OK to eat. I’ve had food poisoning before, shitting liquid at 4am with your insides on fire is not a good time.

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I’ve also been struggling with my taste buds for some time now. I use to love rice but for some reason I can’t stand the taste of it for the past two years. I love biltong and have been buying it for me frequently but I keep on giving it away because it just don’t taste right. I think the AP’s has got something to do with this problem.

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You are reading my mind J. I had the same feeling this morning of course. My guess is that there is no way to make sure we are safe from everything. We just have to let go.

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You get the same thing I do and like you it gets worse before or during a break, mine is more likely to tell me something is off but I have eaten food that’s gone off and been told later by my mum that I shouldn’t have eaten it as it was out of date by such and such but it didn’t taste odd to me. I think because our brains are so overwhelmed by stimulus that our senses go to count too, I know when I thought I was being poisoned and I still get it sometimes that my drinks that people had made me would taste (and smell) like methylated spirits and food would taste off or weird so now I don’t trust what I’m tasting.

The only way I get around it is to check food is in date before eating it and to check with your other senses does it look off, smell off? Also to ask questions so keep doing what you’re doing and hopefully with time we’ll both trust our senses, sorry I can’t offer more.

Take care,

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i used to be super paranoid about food, but now if i drop food on the ground, i just brush of any rubbish and it is as good as new !!
i think what you are experiencing is a sz thing.
take care

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I go by the date…

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Doesn’t seem like a problem on the face of it. It is natural to test food for safety. Perhaps you are reacting to the onslaught of perceptual experiences and now that you are drugs you can’t really taste things like you used to and you doubt your senses more than is reasonable because you you have been told you are ill and can’t be trusted. Maybe you are able to judge better than than your fears lead you to believe. Nothing is exactly safe, but it is good enough if it is food.

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This morning was the opposite. There were 4 small rolls left. Two were for my sis, and two for me. I didn’t taste anything wrong with them on the first bite, but my sis spit hers out immediately and pulled her two apart and they were a bit moldy.

I took a second bite and still didn’t taste anything, so she snatched my rolls away, ripped them open and found that those were moldy too. She threw them all away.

I couldn’t even taste anything. They seemed fine.

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Of course you could use that expereince as an excuse too. Use your senses: vision, touch, taste, smell, and hearing. Using the third eye or 6th sense for everything is kinda of stupid. Every sense has a purpose.

Taste is related to smell. You actually smell food better than you taste it. Do you smoke cigarettes too? That can have a great affect on how you are tasting or smelling foods differently from day to day or from other people.