How do I tackle anhedonia?

I have no joy anymore. These days I’ve lost joy in eating.

How do I feel joyful again? I’ve raised my meds to tackle this problem so hopefully I’ll be ok.

I hope all of you are doing well. :heart:


The only drug that even mitigated my anhedonia was pramipexole. The effect did not last, however, but still it showed me my brain is neurologically intact enough to allow me to enjoy things. In other words, I have it in me, and I’m sure so do you. How to get it out is the question.


I don’t have anhedonia anymore.
I enjoy reading, writing,
playing and listening to music,
meditating, smoking, drinking coffee,
watching films etc

Hobbies you enjoy, trying to keep a schedule some

Which meds? APs are known to worsen negative symptoms and anhedonia.

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I never have any joy. Maybe I have rarely throughout my life but not anymore. I’m somewhat happy about some things but unhappy about other things.

I raised my APs because of positives. My doctor told me the other day that what I might be having is brain fog, not negatives. Also my depression is horrible, so there’s that.

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In my opinion brain fogs are negatives… poverty of thought is one of them

To raise my perspectives, lions mane, niacin and vaping nicotine helps with energy. Not cigarettes they make you tired.

I get them when I’m really tired. It gets worse at night. I remember everything but it’s so hard to say things!

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I have it constantly… lol i suspect brain damage… but mine gets to the point where people think I have Alzheimer’s

On a second thought it might be cognitive symptom of SZ rather than negatives

I actually thought I had Alzheimers at one point because my brain fog was so bad. But turns out that I just have brain fog…

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Joy is an emotion. If you suppress one emotion, then it upsets the balance of all your emotions. This can cause Anhedonia.

For me, the main emotions I suppressed were anger and excitement. My parents punished me if I was too angry or excited, so I suppressed those feelings. I ended up feeling flat and numb, and unable to experience joy. I disapproved of ‘emotionally expressive people’ and I considered myself to be more mature than them. But now I know I was wrong, I was not more mature, and it is important to express feelings. I no longer suppress my emotions and am able to feel things again.

The catch is I don’t only experience joy, I also experience sadness. I am no longer numb.

I suffer with Anhedonia
In our case it’s most likely the depression

Yes, that is the worst thing about the apathy for me. I feel empty.


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How do you not suffer anhedonia anymore? Are you taking something?

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Maybe try being philosophical about it. Think to yourself, “This will pass.” Sometimes when I feel down I eat sugary sweets. It helps for a little while. Maybe go for a short walk. Try to think of things that can pull you out of it.

No, i don’t take anything.
It happened naturally

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