How do i split up with my boyfriend?

We are in an age gap relationship. He is 62 im 24 we are in a 38 year age gap.

he is a lovely man who takes care of me and really makes me feel loved.

I want to remain friends but not get any closer because of our age gap and the fact that he smokes. I love him but I dont feel like im with him for the right reasons.he wants to start having sex and making love. We have seen each other naked we have kissed but that’s as far as it gos.

I haven’becausese I don’t feel like the relationship is secure because of the age gap. I love him and I don’t want to break his you think I’m doing the break up for the right reasons. I feel sad that this is happening but It wouldn’t be right for either of us.

He has an ex wife and children and I’m just starting out my life. I don’t even know if I want kids yet. He did say he would love to have a child with me but im worrying about his health and the health of the child from both alll the stress and having an older father.

He is talking about me moving in with him. Ect I just don’t think I can do it. But at the same time I still have feelings for him. He said to me he thinks he is going to lose me. He also said to me im the best thing that has ever happened to him. He has been a light in my life too. He isn’t rich or anything so that’s not why I’m with him. I just love his personality and calm kind demeanor.we don’t live together and we don’t go on dates. When ever I see him it is round his house .He is lovely to be around. But I can’t continue on with the relationship as I don’t see it the same way he does.


Just tell him he’s weak and u want to end things.

Thats a big age gap for me personally, I wouldn’t date a women over 5yrs older than me, anyways she can’t have kids if she is older than that. I am not interested in dating anyways unless I get a job

Nuts to him. Just tell him youre 40 years older and I dont want to be in a relationship.


I would say I care about you, but feel more platonically towards you. I’m don’t feel romantic love for you. I do love you as a dear friend, just not as a lover.


50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, - Paul Simon

That’s a very big age difference
In my opinion you’re doing the right thing

Honestly I find it impossible to just be friends with a lover or an ex. I just leave them forever


That’s probably the wisest thing to do.

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Just avoid him and tell it like it is, you respect and see good things in him, but the romantic feelings are missing.

How does he take care of you? We all want to be loved, but as long as you want whatever he’s providing it’s going to be hard for you to end the relationship.

You need to tell him in no uncertain terms that you’re ending the relationship due to the age gap. You guys have very little in common as far as goals, motivation and life experience.

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A gorgeous gay man I follow on YouTube suggests breaking up over text or email because the rejection might make him violent or abusive.

It’s better to stay safe he says.

Also they can’t try to change your mind easily over text.

I broke up with my x over text.
Easier !

It can actually be dangerous to break up in person.

This man said he broke up with a man who got violent with him and he thought he was the nicest man he never thought he could hurt him but he did.

He only breaks up via text nowadays no matter how long the relationship was.

If I ever break up again it will be via text message.

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Ive never thought of that persepctive on breaking up via text. Really interesting. Thanks for adding that @SacredNeigh7
And in my opinion @doesthislookUNSUREtoyou , i think you probably shoupd break it off. I feel if i was in a relationship with such an age gap, i would be wasting my time and youth. I love being with my gf who is only like 2 years younger than me. We can learn and grow together. I feel the major age gap would eventually cause sorrow and wouldnt lead you to your potential. Good luck!

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