Need courage to break up with my boyfriend

Sorry this is driving me crazy. My boyfriend loves me so much. He says he will always be there if I have a breakdown. But he will never live up to my parent’s expectations. He has no car, he has no phone, he has a 10 year old daughter. Most guys I met online made upwards of $75,000. I felt like I’d never have to worry about my life again. It was such a happy feeling. I asked my best friend and she says my current boyfriend is extremely empathetic and I should value that. I told him I cheated on him and wanted him to walk out on me but he wouldn’t do it. Wanted to “give me another chance.” I asked an older friend who got out of a divorce and he said it will end badly if I drag on. Idk what to do…

It just doesn’t sound like it’s fair to him to drag it out. Let him go so he can find someone who loves him back.


This is the wrong path to follow.


It sounds like you don’t love him. It’ll be the most fair to him if you let him go.

Also, you shouldn’t base your love for someone on their income and whether or not your parents approve.

Money alone won’t make you happy, and someone who earns a lot can still be a douchebag.

Your friend is right, you SHOULD be with someone who loves you for who you are, and wants to be with you, but you should also be with someone you genuinely love and won’t cheat on.


Well said @Berru.


This complicates things, but I do have feelings for this guy. No way I cannot after the way he took care of me. I want him to be happy so badly and the only thing he truly wants in life is a wife. But I have a “good girl” outlook on life. I want the house and kids and big wedding.

What do you mean when you stated that he has a 10 year old daughter? I’d say you have a tough decision to make. Your current boyfriend has decided to stay with you no matter what awful things you do to him. He sounds desperate to keep you. What are your alternative or potential boyfriends that could replace him? If there are no other alternatives than you have no choice but to stay with your current boyfriend. If there are other potentials then try to go with them if financial security is what you are looking for in a boyfriend.


High expectations, eh?! What happens if you have just you & your husband sign the papers only to make your marriage legal. No ceremony, no banquet and no church… just legal documents. Maybe a decent wedding dress and a suit for him just to pose for the wedding photos.


You know I think you hit on something. I want a big wedding because I want all my friends to see how good I’m doing in life. None of that “poor you” business. I also want everyone to know how much they mean to me and form a large network here in Hawaii since I have no relatives here. I care too much about how everyone thinks goddamn it lol.

In China over 100 couples get married on special days of the year such as 2007-07-07 or 2012-12-12 etc… There is no church or ceremony.

Take a look at this music video.

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Wahhhhhhh. I’m getting pumped to break up with boyfriend due to all the encouragement but heard almost lover on the radio. In a lot of ways, this guy is not good for me, but I can see him all alone in his room contemplating suicide. He doesn’t think about my feelings, only his own. But he is nothing in life without me. Just a shitty security guard with a 10 year old daughter. I want to change his life. But my parents say a rat will always be a rat. He will bring me down, I can’t bring him up.

What happened to that new guy that you went on a date on? You said he text messaged you.

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Hey… He just wants to be friends. Honestly I felt he was too good for me. He is independent, responsible, friendly, nice abs, cute, good job, smart… But my boyfriend has been through a lot with me. I owe him! Like wormtail owes Harry Potter!

hey @anon62973308 I am poor and I don’t blame you for wanting to get out of poverty…it’s o k to seek financial security just make sure you love the man first.


Idk I’m just seeing life from his perspective. I’m a big thing in his life. Because of me he is finally coming out of his do nothing/video gaming life. I’m just trying to say I empathize. When his last gf left him, he was in a rut for years and he had no good job or thing to boost his confidence.

When a woman leaves a man it is up to him what he chooses to do with his life. It is his life. it is not a shared life with you if you want to leave him…don’t beat yourself up that you slept with someone. I see that as how badly you want out of the relationship…good luck…follow your heart.

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Well, you seem to be more interested in the new guy; however, he only wants to be friends. Try to figure out what would change his mind. If he initially asked you out on a date then there must have been something about you that interested him.


Let him go! 1515151515

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Wow! Seriously! :roll_eyes:

Tell us, please, how do you really feel? @anon62973308 - no further comment to you on this issue - word!


@anon62973308. If you have any compassion at all for this guy, let him go and wish him well. At least that way he has a chance to find a partner who loves and respects him.