How do I say it?

How do I tell my parents I cannot keep up with superior education and that I should try a trade without hurting them?

My mom told me that what would make her happy would be that I pass this semester’s subjects and that I get a degree. I fear hurting her if I fail her.

How should I tell them that I cannot study tertiary education?

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I’m sort of interested in the electrician field and electronics. Just tell them that you can make money, support yourself, and accomplish things. Show them you can succeed and be independent. That and prove them wrong and learn how to build things and create things.

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A college education is a nice thing. Mine proved worthless in making a living, however.


A trade in maintenance of cooling and heating systems is something I like and has good job prospects.


I was 500 miles away from Mom and Dad in college, and of course I learned some useful things from other students in that living arrangement.

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Higher education is like traveling.

I like traveling because it broadens me in ways I want to be broadened.

Same with higher education.

It’s a great thing to make your parents proud, But ultimately you’re going to have to choose the job or career that makes you happy.

My sister and her husband wanted my nephew to go to university, but he chose to become a structural welder. It infuriated his dad, but he had the full support of my sister. You can’t make everybody happy all the time

It still doesn’t make it an easy choice. I feel for you there

Maybe phrase it as you are taking a break from studies, and going to try your hand at a trade

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Thank you! It’s good advice.

Just say it straight. It’s like ripping off a bandaid.

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