How do i know if i need to be in hospital?

What in your experience is just reason to need a short or long hospital stay? Or to not go at all.

If you’re a danger to yourself and/or others you should be in the hospital @anon99233869.


To yourself
To others

Lack of insight
Lost touch of reality
Length of break

Generally, when you’re to the point of questioning whether you need to go to the hospital, then it’s time to pack a bag and get yourself to the ER. You want to avoid losing insight if at all possible.

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Honestly, my length of stay has typically been determined by the court. That’s sad but true. Usually by the time I need the hospital I’ve lost all insight to my illness and my behavior puts me as a danger to myself more often than not. Thankfully the local police have gotten to know me and always treat me good when they take me to the hospital.

I go to the hospital when I am unable to look after myself and my husband because my depression is too severe. Or when I want to cut myself in repeated episodes. Or feel suicidal. Or when my thoughts go jumbled for long (usually this is because I come off meds)

Last time I went it was because my husband thought I should go. I was severely depressed.

I go when my symptoms increase. I often wait until I reach a point where I get suicidal thoughts, but that’s because they usually don’t turn away suicidal patients.

I also go if my stress levevl gets too high. That causes me to stop eating and start dissociating, which can lead me down a bad path if I don’t get to it in time.

I am never going back to hospital. I hate it there. I would rather be in my own home.

In the UK we have crisis teams who do home care.

I used to go to hospital every few months because my old case manager used to convince me it was for the best.

Last time I stayed at the weekend and tried to leave on Sunday so they sectioned me then I got let out on the monday. I find it so boring. Only one time can I actually say it helped me, and that was through support of other patients.

My local hospital is called Meadow Fields, and the staff just sit around and don’t talk to patients. It’s a secure holding centre for people with no therapeutic benefit.

The only times I go to the ER is when I am feeling suicidal with detailed plans. Or, when I am so paranoid I can’t stand it anymore. Or when I am hallucinating very, very badly, like on a continuous, nonstop basis.

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