How do i get the idea of wanting children out of my head. My head says i dont want them but my heart says i do. I dont know anymore

I dont think i should have them as i dont think i can be attentive enough to look after them but i do feel sad that i most likely wont have them. How do i get these feelings out of my head.

Does anyone else feel this way. I do feel excited when i see babys but im trying to train myself to jsut forget about the idea as i dont want my children to suffer.

I also dont want to make them grow up in a world that is nasty and have to go through what i have been through.

I have thought about adoption but i just dont think ill be cut out for it. I feel as though i should just forget about the idea all together.

So question is how do i make my life meaningful with our having children. I dont want them really but i worry my life will be meaningless if i dont have them.


There’s plenty more to life than raising children. I surely never wanna have children. Think about all you go through, can do, without children. And tell me there’s not more to life than having children


I never wanted children. It would have been the worst decision of my life to have had them , with this disease.

I lead a fulfilling life without them.


I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted kids, but then I got pregnant by accident,
and I went thru with the pregnancy.
I was 22, and not diagnosed yet.
I got two kids at one time.
I’d say go to dating sites,
but if you really want kids, first find the right man,
I raised my kids by myself, single mom.


I don’t want babies either.

Because of similar reasons

Life can still be meaningful.

Less to worry about by miles!!

You can do whatever you want!

It’s great.


I also didn’t ever want kids. I have a husband though - he’s like a kid lol! I am glad I never got pregnant. There’s plenty in life even without kids


You can always adopt children.

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Are you male or female @dreamlessdreamer?

I almost had childrens when I was 20y.o., my gf wanted them but I refused. It would have been a big mistake if I said yes as a year later I got sz and now I can barely go out of bed and take care of myself. Anyways also my gf left me due to my sz and due to me being unable to work.


I almost had kids when I was married but thankfully it didn’t work out.
Our marriage ended in divorce.

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That must have been pretty hard. Good job.

I’ve no interest in having kids having said that I had pregnancy delusions when I was ill
I’ve got three nieces and one nephew
I like being free
I Have too much problems with schizophrenia I could not bring up a child in just not built for it
I do know some people desperately want children

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I struggle with the same question. I really don’t have an answer for you. All I can say is that we are more than biology. A lot of the most influential people never had children, but they are very much alive today even though they are physically gone. We influence one another because we are connected. One action always has an effect on the whole, so if you value the whole of humanity, you can give yourself to that and live on in those you helped. We essentially are energy and the way we act affects the energy of everything else. Just because something is gone doesn’t mean that you can’t see its effect.

Think of it like a candle and a flame. When we light a candle, the flame draws upon everything around it to sustain itself, giving off heat as it goes. In the same way we take in our environment and then change the environment based on our actions. When the candle has burned out, the flame has completely given itself to the universe. It hasn’t gone anywhere because it didn’t come from anywhere, it’s just there in a different form. If you see the connectedness of all things, you realize that you don’t need children to live on. Be a positive force and the environment around you will take on positive characteristics. Be a negative force and your environment will take on negative characteristics. You want people to smile when they think back on you, so do things that make them smile today.

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Why not volunteer to be a big sister?