How do I get my life back in order?

Used to not suffer from intrusive thoughts or get harassed by negative people, I was thinner, prettier, went out with friends, now I am plagued with mean people’s comments, don’t have many friends, have a fear of dying soon, I have intrusive thoughts. How do I get my life back in order?

Are you on meds and do you see a doctor or therapist?

Yes I am. 151515

Do you feel safe?

Not really sometimes, fear of poisoned foods, going out in public.

You should definitely try to talk to a doctor. They should help get you readjusted.
One of the keys is to take small steps to try to get your life back on track. If you have one friend you really trust, ask to hang out with them and them alone in a quiet place. Like at you or your friends house, this way you do not get overwhelmed being with a large group of people. Being able to connect with one person in your life should help you get alittle bit of confidence back.
Figure out what hobbies and interests you have and try to connect with people who do the same thing. I am not sure if you are paranoid or not, but if you aren’t maybe try to join a group. There are alot of online social groups you can become part of. If you are paranoid like me, maybe joining a support group will help. If you find one with a drop in center, you can do arts/crafts, etc.

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Great ideas @Priscillame! Thank you.

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