I need help

I need help I am in danger I gave my personal information to a serial killer and caused havoc to happen in my home town, I don’t think I will make it, I love my family,

You’re not in danger and you didn’t cause havoc to happen in your home town.

I have people get inside my body and people think I did something to them and they put a mask murderer in my body and I think my life is in danger.

Did you ever ask your psychiatrist about increasing your dose? If you did what did they say ?

You seem to still have some heavy symptoms.

I sound like I have this but I don’t I am sorry.

I don’t have this but it sounds like OCD intrusive thoughts.

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Talk to a mental health professional about this as soon as possible. Maybe you could use a trip to the hospital. It will be okay, but I do think you need care.

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I am afraid to go to the hospital. I have people yelling at me.

If you go to the hospital the people might stop yelling at you. At any rate, they can’t hurt you there. It’s not good to be holed up and afraid.

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I feel like I will be holed up and afraid at the hospital.

You will have people who you can talk to, and nothing can harm you there. If you can’t get into the hospital see if you can get respite care. Basically, that is just a few days of rest. It can help.

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Thanks @crimby you are really helpful. You are very caring.

I don’t like to see a person in pain, and I will do what I can to help them get out of it. Remember the resources you have. Remember the crisis lines. People you can talk to will be on this site. I hope things get better for you.

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