Can Antipsychotics Induce Mania

I’m going on about three hours of sleep for the week in the last five days. I was up all day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, I slept Wednesday for three hours not at all Thursday and now it’s early Friday morning. I’m even taking 100 mg of zyprexa and I still can’t sleep.

I had a similar issue recently, but I think it was coffee which sparked the mania like symptoms.

Yes they can, 40 mg Latuda is right for me, whereas 60 mg and i cannot stop talking. It’s like not word salad but that “Pressure to push words out” which has something to do with dopamine and glutamate imbalances i believe. Talk to your psychiatrist and straighten that out. I used to take APs during the day and was snowed and could not function, now I take Latuda before bed and it wipes me out and wears off before I wake up at 6 or so. Good luck and have a great day!

I’m not sure about antipsychotics but my current psychiatrist always recommends I avoid caffeine, alcohol and any other mind altering substances. One psychiatrist mentioned even nicotine can have an effect especially during withdrawal. I almost feel like smoking a cigarette lately. I have a vape, but something about going outside and the euphoric feeling a cigarette brings for a few minutes calls to me.

Your not Invega to are you? That can cause insomnia as well,in my experience.

Yeah I take Invega Sustenna now plus zyprexa.