How different are you?

In your opinion how much do you think people can differ from one another?


be as different as you want i don’t care.

different people are a trip.


I don’t know if there is anyone like me. In terms of food interests.

If there truly is I’d like to marry him lol.

That’s half kidding half serious

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Don’t know. I don’t go around measuring myself against other people - I just try to have fun being me.


I am Skunk.

Skunks all look the same but we do Skunk things and live in a Skunk house and eat Skunk food.


Sz, sz-a, ASD,soc anx, aphant, dyspraxic,very high IQ,left handed,Infp,dysgraphic, pragmatic socialist,above AVG height for my generation, etc etc fairly normal

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Left handed, hyposexual, high iq, strabismus, like the Japanese language and culture, don’t really like traditional Romanian food, don’t usually drink alcohol, don’t like cuss words, don’t like driving or cars or football or skiing, or politics, or fashionable clothes, or commercial music. Pretty odd for a Romanian guy, I know.

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Ditto with the strabismus. Also can add scoliosis. Clueless about cars.

Actually it’s not politics, but politicians I dislike and am suspicious of.

I think I’m different because love is more important to me than sex.

No, i am not different, i do what others do. Sleep, eat, clean, exercise. I go with the flow i try to be balanced. I don’t mean harm to anything :confused:. I have my struggles like everyone else. Okay, maybe my struggles are surviving on a different level.

I’m not that different from others
I mean I have certain quirks because of my anxiety and OCD

But I am not an oddball or anything

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I think every individual is unique. However, there are billions of people in the world, so it’s likely that there are lots of other people who are very similar to each of us. Not exactly the same, but very similar.

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I think people are quite different from each other. We are all unique and sometimes those differences can be vast. At the core most people have similar needs but beyond that, when you get into personality or character and such, theres no limit. Heck, I can even be different from myself on any given day depending on what Im feeling, doing etc.


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