How did you get social security?

I have a call coming up they said the have questions for me ? How did you guys get it what was you guys process ? really need it or I could become homeless :frowning:

Get a disability attorney. YOu don’t have to pay them unless you win, and the pay is a percentage of what you get in back pay


Tell the truth. Tell them how schizophrenia affects you. Tell them what it stops you from doing such as working or going to school.

They are aware that your condition may change in the future and you may work again sometime but you don’t know that for sure and neither do they. So just concentrate on the present and give examples of what the disease did to you.

They don’t want or need a 45 minute story about your delusions or a half hour synopsis of what your voices say but you could give them examples of those to give them an idea of what you go through.

You tell them you have no income to live on and pay bills and since you have no money coming in you need disability to avoid living on the streets. Medical records showing any hospitalizations would be helpful.

Also tell them you take medication but stress that it helps but doesn’t erase or stop every symptom. Tell them any doctors you see. A written letter from a doctor confirming you can’t work and describing your symptoms would be very helpful.


i prefer writing out my hallucinations and delusions and other ways my illness limits me. a good one page paper, and then all their questions too. but that’s just me.

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They never called me. I never even had an examination. They just looked at my medical records. I had them sent from every hospital I was in and the VA and the Marine Corps.

I had to fill out a form too and I think my wife did also.

Good luck.

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I went to physchitrist
Got diagnosed
Went to social security center
Took the application
Got qualified


A lawyer came to see me in the psychiatric hospital and asked me if I wanted disability. I signed his forms and three months later had disability. I have no knowledge of what happened. Arkansas USA.

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