Share your un-medicated experience

How would you be if you are untreated with medication?

I’m just wondering if there is anyone outhere without taking their meds living happily.

Do you take supplements?

To be honest.

I think we’re all medicated here


I’d be delusional and in an institution. Medications help alleviate problems which are basic damage to the brain. Iq loss is common and reported. Meds actually may help at a neural level.

This is a pro medication forum. Watch your step.

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I’m medicated. But I’ve known two people who said that they were medication resistant and tried other things which helped them recover. Like art therapy and Bradley Nelson’s “The Emotion Code”. Haven’t tried either but they said it worked. I’m guarded against the Emotion Code one.

I probably wouldn’t have shared custody of my kids. And if I didn’t it’s unlikely I’d be alive

Relapse every single time in twenty-five years of having this illness. Those who function without meds are unicorns. Lots of stories, but no sightings.

To be honest.


I would lose all I’ve gained if I stopped my AP. no way I would ever go unmedicated.

no i did not151515

I would likely be dead without medication. Almost certainly. I get very delusional, very quickly. I am unable to care for myself and turn to very risky and dangerous behaviors. When not medicated I often suffer from episodes of dissociative amnesia.

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Been off APs for close to 3 months.

I’m doing okay mentally, physically I feel much better.

I’m on Cipralex, Propranol and Clonazepam PRN.

I also started taking magnesium + b6 along with Omega 3 fish oil.

I take nicotine lozenges regularly and I’m thinking of going on L Theanine to get rid of the benzo use.

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I experience intense anger any time I’m coming off any antipsychotic. I don’t get physically violent, but I do get emotionally violent, which is just as bad. There is often a little voice telling me it might be different if I come off my ap this time. I take Geodon, Seroquel, Paxil, Wellbutrin, Omega 3, L-theanine, B vitamins, and naproxen. I also take caffeine pills, but I had drank ten cups of coffee a day for 45 years, so it has little effect on me. These med’s keep me stable. Life isn’t bad, but I do have trouble getting up very much energy.

I experience side effects from my meds but life without risperidone and Depakote would be impossible to live.
I would quickly devolve into a paranoid and delusional world with zero insight.

There is no way that I would function without meds.
I would live in a hospital setting.

but i am very delusional now/ i would say , unlike the usual me, now i am a very paranoid guy with heavy intellectual disability

Last time I came off the meds I was OK. Until 7 months later I rapidly deteriorated.
It was a quick descent to evil voices this time.
I was fortunate enough to avoid the hospital since my family noticed I was ill very early and so the crisis team looked after me on a daily basis for about a month.

I recently tried weaning off meds. Didn’t work, but hey, now my lower dose is effective so there’s that. I wanted to come off completely, but that will never work out for me.

I would be in a rubber room with a straight jacket without meds. I have tried coming off them. I get acutely psychotic. The hallucinations and suicidal ideation get out of control

Without meds I go loopy.
My voices get louder and more violent, I have a harder time resisting their commands, depression and anxiety goes through the roof, I become dissociative to the point where I hardly react when people talk, and I start thinking people are out to get me.

Sometimes I do wish I could live a life without meds, but I know that my brain just isn’t wired that way anymore.

Without meds I’d be having severe mood swings, agitation and self harming, and frequent voices attacks and more paranoia

Without meds I would probably be institutionalized or dead. I’m quick to try and kill myself whenever I go off meds and have some sort of overwhelming third eye opening ego death (its all just psychosis) experience as I get too overwhelmed. Also I’m a huge dick when psychotic

Without meds, I would be worse off. The damage from meds is already done. I mean even off meds, I cannot think or whatever like I used to. I used to do a lot of math in my head pretty fast with the help of stimulants like energy drinks. Can’t do that anymore. My brain fires 10x slower now with meds. The good thing is the synaptic pruning has lessened the philosophical thoughts and obsessions.