How can I make friends?

I’ve lost all but a couple of friends since getting ill but they all live far away from me now. I don’t have any friends in my current city and I think I would like that. I don’t drive and am awkward I guess . Plus I have the voice telling me No one likes me anyway. Any advice on how to make a friend?

2 Likes find a pen-pal

Ive three penpals from different schemes who regularly get in touch

For local freinds maybe do volunteer work

Having said that I have no local friends it’s hard to meet people especially when you have mental health problems

I hope you find yourself some new friends

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Thanks. A pen pal would be nice. I have a hard time talking to people in person

Maybe find a social club in your area for people with mental illness?
Good luck, friends are important

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There’s a clubhouse for people with mental illness but it’s far from my house and it would be too expensive to take an uber there and back (like $30 each way) but it seems really cool like they go to museums and have picnics and stuff. Maybe I can email to see if they do ride shares ever?

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I’ll be your friend

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Thanks leafy :slight_smile: I do consider you a friend on here :slight_smile: you’ve always been nice to me

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Good idea, you might find friends there that can understand how you feel

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Yeah! One of my closest friends is from this site. We talk everyday just about. He’s a good guy.

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Most communities have a social service type program where they connect local volunteers with lonely local seniors for phone conversations. Our community has one and it’s very helpful I’m told. I’d sign up myself if it wasn’t for my tinnitus.

That might be a good place to start?

To be honest, I feel too superior.
I need to land back on earth.
To know people.
Only way is I need to select people.
Not the other way around .
So that I am the decider.

I go for walks knowing that at least I see people.
And if I see familiar faces I wave my hand with respect.
After few turns of waving.
You have been noticed.
Mostly they would approach you.
Asking and sharing the details.
There you go.
And be dressed for the perfect walk.
After that you decide and I strongly recomend not to talk about disability at least that person enters the friends circle.
In my experience I have opened up my issues and they look at me differently.
It happed to about most of my friends.
To who I have “not shared” they respect and talk with equal point of valued views.
My humble request not to share your disability.
If you want you can do it here.

This is my view only. Not sure of success rate. As I am still in the process of walking …

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