How can i get rid of this strange phobia

Any strange feeling i get i immediately think i am close becoming delusional, and this phobia is causing additional bare on my unhealthy mind. I want to not give a dam about it. I usually don’t become delusional so often but i am scared of it. And i don’t think there is any therapy that will help me not to worry about it.

Did you try therapy before or are you assuming therapy is not going to work for you?

I never tried therapy, usually therapies are to cope with psychosis, they might even like the fact that i have fear toward going into delusion, in that way i will alway be on medication.

My fear of becoming delusional again went away when I accepted the fact that I might have to be on medication for a long time or for the rest of my life.

That’s the honest truth in my situation.

I’m sorry if I come off as being too blunt with what I just said.

I had this happen a bit ago… A new feeling was waking up and I couldn’t quite pin down the flavor of it. I was really getting upset thinking that I was slipping into negative symptom. But it turned out, my lack of want, my calmness were coming from a sense of contentment.

I’ve been going to a therapist for ages and I find that it really helps me stay positive and fight off depression and self loathing.

i faced my fears and defeated them one by one, leading me to harmony the fears crumbled as love took over.

If people knew that i can go into psychosis due to my illness i wouldn’t worry that much. But i know if they see me in psychosis, they are going to stop friending with me and some will talk ■■■■ behind my back. People dont understand that mental illness means suffering, many of them think, people with mental illness they just act strange, but they have no idea how a person can suffer as with any other illnesses.