How beardedness affects women's attraction to men

New research suggests that women tend to find beardedness attractive when judging long-term relationships, perhaps as a signal of formidability among males and the potential to provide direct benefits, such as enhanced fertility and survival, to females.

Ladies do you prefer a bearded man?


Actually, yes :slight_smile:


Was wondering why the girl on the bus was eying me off so much. I hadn’t shaved in like 4 days. Frankly… meh whatever.

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I clean shave whenever I can. I find it comfortable. Forget ladies, like I care.

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@Minnii @Dreamscape2 Can you please post a reply to my quote in the other topic ? Thanks.

my hubby, when i first met him didnt have a beard, but we had some time apart before we got married because my daughter was ill, so when i saw him ofr fiirst time in about 2 months it was like oooooo sexy mo fo hahhahha

i couldnt keep my hands off him xx

he personally doesnt like it , hes clean shaven again now but we still have a giggle about his beard xx

i dont find other men attractive with beards though, never did. but he looks cute with one xx

I don’t grow facial hair, the little I do I shave off. I think it looks dirty/unkempt but if the girls get off on it more power to them.

Depends on if I’ve shaved mine at the time! -lol
Just kidding.

I shave my beard when I can. I look better without a beard…if someone is gonna change her mind about me because I prefer being shaven, she’s not worth it anyways. But that’s just me.

I like men with beards…and without beards. :blush:


I look better with a beard. Well, if I remember to keep it trimmed & kempt. I can get a bit Wild man from the hills when I forget. As long as you keep your beard trimmed, clean, and soft (condition that thing occasionally) the ladies don’t seem to mind.

I am funny about facial hair growth. It’s a marker of masculinity that I don’t like along with being muscular and having a hairy chest. Thankfully I have little of the last two.
Although I don’t like facial hair I also don’t like shaving, probably because it reminds me of my maleness, so can go days without doing so.
If I could take a potion to stop facial hair growth I would.

I used to think very similar thoughts. But I’m Hirsute and that isn’t every ladies cup of tea, d’oh! I don’t really like being a Masculine, Macho, Manly Man all the time, but women seem to enjoy it. A lot of them anyway. I generally shoot for Stoic , Succinct, & Rational which is often confused with Manliness

I love a good beard.:heart:
love love love it.

Not sure if it suits all men but some men really look gorgeous in it.

I had a xbf who was clean shaven all over and next time i saw him he had long hair and beard and he looked so gorgeous.
He was bit balled on top of head but let rest of hair be long and used to wear beanie so it wasnt really noticable.

I think I may prefer some form of a beard on me man (if i have one) .

Muslim men often have beards.
I was on muslim dating site for a while when i was muslim but im not a muslim anymore and never been married.

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Totally inappropriate, NSFW, and borders on pornographic:

And yet, it’s AWESOME.

(Yes, I have facial fur.)


I shave about every week or so to keep my facial hair low enough so it doesn’t stab me in the neck when I put my head down. I’ve grown it out before too and it just feels grungy.

My problem with facial hair is that I can’t have any if we deliver to rigs (H2S safety, etc.). We had rig deliveries last week so I had to wipe out some growth. Back to stubble, darn it.

I shave every 5 days or so. Right now I got some stubble going. Soon probably tomorrow will be time to shave.

I have the “start” of a goatee, but I keep it trimmed way down with scissors. I look too baby faced without it.

Some say kissing bearded man can give other party a a red face from the beard scratching the other persons face and that when the man eats he can get food in it.

I think i have a “thing” for beards though.

Some people even make plats in there beards and total “dos”