How badly do you need money?

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One is you don’t have any money issues and five is you are existentially threatened.

I’ve noticed not many folks around here talk about money and money issues. Maybe since most people come from developed countries, they get to work for big salaries or receive enough help from society to not have those kind of worries.
Or maybe in those cultures it’s not ok to complain about money at all?

What about those who are poor, i would like to hear from them. How do they buy meds and other things that helps? What about housing issues, I’m guessing most people live with parents still? Can you get a job? Is salary enough? Those kind of questions…

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I have medicare/Medicaid insurance, I have a good sized SSDI check and my parents help me out with the rest. I don’t hope to live this way forever I hope to be a successful artist or writer and not rely on my parents. Me and my parents have a deal worked out with how much I get and how much goes towards my apartment rent and stuff. I wish I had more money but the situation I have isn’t something I complain about. I’ve tried getting a part time job but it never works. So I just create stuff and go to group therapy and hike all day.


I work for myself, and it is a roller coaster ride,sometimes you have enough money, other times it is hard to survive or you go backwards. I live alone and living expenses have gone way up in the last 10 years where wages have stayed the same.


You two guys look good, congrats.

I’m like a 3.5, but this month I’m voting 4. We do pretty okay most of the time, but if anything ever comes up we struggle a bit. Like me being in the hospital for 3 days and Mr LED not being able to work because of it.

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I live in an assisted living center, and most of my medical needs are taken care of. The state pays for my med’s. I get food stamps, and $52.00 a week plus pay for cleaning the bathrooms.

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Interesting number of 4’s.

I’m on disability which keeps me comfortable but is very limiting as far as actualizing goes. I want to be able to support a wife and kids and business, and $1100 a month doesn’t allow for that.

My survival isn’t threatened, but my conscience is.

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I have enough money to do what I need to do in life. I don’t have any in reserve to do what I want to do.

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I get $500 a month from SSI. It keeps me happy for the month, but I don’t want to live this way forever.

I do okay. Food shelf. County support with health. SSDI. Cheap studio apartment in walking distance to everything. Nice neighbors. By hiking trails. :slight_smile:

I’m honestly spoiled my dad pays for everything for me from coffee every day to credit card to my car and health insurance.

My family is very poor because my mother has sz, my grandmother dementia and I can’t work like a normie but I still don’t need money, there are more important things, I wouldn’t mind being homeless.


What with owing the government state and federal taxes this year, I had to run my credit card way up to pay for taxes. Now, I have a big balance on my credit card that I never had before. So, in order to pay it off, I have to move out of my senior retirement community and into a regular one bedroom apartment to save the money to pay off the credit card.

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