How bad are your negative symptoms?

My negative symptoms are extremely bad and dramatic. I feel like my soul has been destroyed (in fact, this is my “delusional” belief) and my life force taken away. I also feel like a mental midget who is impoverished, incredibly dull, and cognitively stunted. In addition, my emotions have been dulled and blunted. I used to be able to feel amazing joy at times, but now that feeling is totally out of my emotional range. I just feel like a dead, placid “unthing” all the time. It’s hard for me to even enjoy things normal people like, such as movies, TV, and meditation.

I also feel like my negative symptoms are getting worse as time goes by.

Can anyone relate? How dramatic are your negative symptoms? How would you describe them and how you feel?


Pretty bad, but I never was a marvel of self discipline and industry. I think the ap’s did make it worse.

The past two months things were really bad, as you said, there were no emotions, no feelings, it was as tho my being wasn’t real, and this became so intense that things were done to the flesh to see if it was real, a reality check, the spirits were extremely excited about the tests and wanted more and more, please hang in there and do knot become discouraged…

I feel like I can’t feel. Pain is more intense, but I mentally don’t care. I got bumped on the arm, and it felt like I got stabbed. Even then though, I had no reaction. I probably could’ve been stabbed and wouldn’t give a.

I find myself not caring about anything. I don’t even exist. Nothing matters. I tend not to talk to people and pace a ton. I pace for hours and hours when I can. Plus, my handwriting looks like illegible crap.

Sorta like I was writing with lead weighing down my entire body. It is so weird. It is almost worst than depression in some ways.

There is no enjoyment in anything.


I don’t feel happy or sad, just anxious. I can’t concentrate, even on longer posts on this site. I’m very forgetful. I have no motivation to do anything even if I write a list of things I can do that I would otherwise enjoy, I just can’t build the motivation to do them.

I do feel emotions sometimes, but they are superficial, on the surface. Underneath I am dead dead dead. Today is one of my bad negative days, I lost interest in almost everything. Lack of motivation stays with me every day and kills me inside. My house is dirty and dusty and I just dont have the willpower to get up and clean it except when hubby tells me to and then i will do the minimum. Going out is difficult and i would just want to stay home every day if i could and just curl up in a ball and sleep my life away. Sometimes I read, but its hard to concentrate on a book sometimes. Negative symptoms are definitely worse than positive ones in my life, they are crippling. I am just existing…

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I’ve been on meds that help my negative spike so it’s not as bad as it used to be…

But during a negative spike… I’m completely deflated… I sit and the outside world just seems like a slide show of things I can’t care about. Words don’t mean much… I loose all my motivation for pretty much everything…

I can also talk myself out of any forward progress pretty easily… I end up very still and very numb

when people talk to me… the words just sort of wash over me with no meaning. I can’t concentrate on anything because I just don’t have it in me. No emotions… no reactions… just cut off from life.

In the past negative symptoms used to destroy my desire to live… I had no will to live.
I’m glad I found a good med to help me. But it still creeps up from time to time.

Anhedonia is pretty bad. It sucks to not feel joy or happiness. It’s been like this for 6 years. I’m not depressed atm. I just don’t have those happy feelings. Nor sad feelings. I just am. I feel a lot of anxiety though. Don’t know if there is a connection.

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Yup I feel about the same. And seems like I’m coping less.

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i feel your pain

Article, ‘A pilot study of loving-kindness meditation for the negative symptoms of schizophrenia’.