I’m having a very hard time focusing this morning. Does anyone have any kind of tricks to move past a wandering mind and focus on something? It’s more than just me daydreaming, I literally can’t focus and I’m not in control of my mind from flashing random thoughts and images. It’s causing me to be depressed, and some reason I’m feeling mildly anxious this morning. I don’t know what to do.

I had that a lot too. I increased my med a little bit and starting taking Omega 3.

If you have days like that, don’t do much. Just put on some relaxing music and try to have fun or go for a walk. If you’re at work, a glass of green tea.

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I go to sleep when that happens to me. If I am at work I try to relaxe and clear my mind. Take one thing at a time.

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I have this issue. horribly.
last night was really bad for me. I was being told a long and detailed story and I couldn’t tell you really anything about it. I try so hard to force myself to pay attention to what is being said to me, but I just can’t.

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Thank you, I laid back down slept for most the morning. I’m starting to be able to get more and more control over it as the day goes on, I think I just needed to rest a bit longer. But I don’t like sleeping past 11 because I have a hard time sleeping later that night if I do too much during the day.

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I have problems watching tv because of my inability to focus. I don’t watch tv or movies at all.

If I watch too much TV it tends to initiate unwanted images after a while so I have to be careful of how much I watch…and what I watch. If I watch anything like game shows with tons of people yelling and screaming I get very anxious, even if I like the show (like price is right for example). If I watch Dr. Phil too much he becomes a negative voice in my head so I have to take breaks though I do find his shows somewhat entertaining at times.

i take sarcosine, a brain supplement, for concentration, focus, and other negative symptoms of sz. There’s a big thread about its scientific benefits here on sz forum!

I also take peracitam or alpha-gpc, both nootropics (legal ‘smart drugs’). They make me pay attention to my tasks a lot better for several hours.

I have taken sarcosine since February and I have had a great experience with it. Been out of town without it, can feel that sarcosine makes my quality of life better, and my cognition is better, too. I buy 50 grams, which lasts about 3 weeks, for 10 bucks from powdercity. brain vitaminz is the best, but that’s about 15-18 dollars for 60 mg.

Best wishes!

If i watch to much tv i get really irritated because i believe im wasting away my life and amount to nothing. Which makes me feel really depressed and or suicidal.

I get that way too, especially if I’m wasting time watching You-Tube video series I like a few game-plays video’s that I’m watching now. But then when I"m just sitting here watching You-Tube I feel like i should be doing something else more constrictive with my time and then I get depressed because I feel I’m wasting my life, and once the depression starts the voices start up making me feel 10 times worst…but we all have to have something that relaxes us don’t we?


Yeah I have very poor concentration and short term memory just from the side effects of nearly all my damn pills. It’s like the doctors give you something to help you function better, but you will never be able to function past a certain point. It’s really killing me since I have a really hard time focusing on classes and remembering what I was taught even though I enjoy the material I learned and I’ve been on my pills for a long time. Although I’ve been taking tests for a neuropsychologist to see what exactly the issues are in my head. I will find out on Saturday though and I hope it helps me plead my case to the company that runs the GED test that won’t give me my ■■■■■■■ basic accommodations.

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I have good short term memory but long term memory is horrible. I used to be able understand and learn things in class at the same speed as other kids but I constantly had troubles when being tested which would affect my grades. Good luck with your GED, hope you get the answers you need.