Cleaning day

So far today I have picked up all of my laundry and trash, done all the dishes, changed the cat litter, and just now vacuumed. I never have the motivation to do this kind of stuff but it felt good to get it all done today


way to go. I did nothing.

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I had all the time in the world today

My flat is tidy, except for the kitchen that looks like a bomb has gone off!

I clean my house on Fridays and Saturdays. My husband and I do a minimum of one load of laundry every day, and we do dishes a few times a day. It really helps to avoid being overwhelmed


Well done that is really good what you did. I understand why you feel good.

I need to move house next month. Can’t wait to feel the satisfaction of declustering my stuff:::)))

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Good job. I want to do that too. And hopefully some day I will.

I cleaned up today too. I went into the downstairs kitchen and the dog had taken about 5 sh*ts on the floor. Had to clean it up and then mop the floor. Then I cleaned the coffee table. I still have laundry to do.

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