Hospitalized against you will

I just got into an arguement with my mom about me being hospitalized Feb of this year. My pdoc had planned to try to get me to switch meds from risperidone to invega injection because the pills “werent working”. Come to find out due to the fact that I had been smoking weed up until 2 months ago, I was still psychotic until then. So the pills probably would have actually worked had I been sober. Then before I was hospitilized in feb, when my mom would give me my pill i would hide it under my tongue. It wasnt that I think i didnt need them… I was aware of my condition it was just that the pills made me so weak and tired that I couldnt stand taking them. It was unfair because its like she was forcing me to take something that was hurting me so badly. When she found out i wasnt actually taking them she said whenever I didnt want to take my pill she would kick me out. So I went back on my meds. So anyway. When I was hospitalized it was because i went to see my pdoc and she saw that I wasnt doing well. (Which I never had been, its just that I would always lie to her and say that I was doing well and didnt think I was a part of the illuminati even though I really did). I thought I was to inherit a billion dollars and I offered her 60 million to admit that my mom was conspiring against me. So she called an ambulance and a cop car and i ran away. I got outside of the building and the cop car cornered me and they sat me down. They asked me questions and I told them “why am I here” and they thought I was saying “why am I here” like on this earth. They twisted my words into me being suicidal when really I was just asking them why they were tslking to me. They forced me in the ambulance and my doctor who was there the whole time said to the met, “im putting him on a 3 day mental health hold” I said to here as I was about to leave, “is the even legal” and she said “yes it is”. I dont care how sick you are you should never be forced into a space for several days against your will. Thats torture. And you might think “its for your own good” but I can tell you right now that the only reason I ever became clear headed was because enough time had elapsed that I realized that if I had a billion dollar inheritance coming to me I wouldnt live in the crappy house that I do. And I realized if I didnt have schizophrenia then all of the symptoms wouldnt ring a bell to me. I wad hospitalized in february and I was delusional until just a few months ago!!! I guess They tried lol. When I was in the hospital they wouldnt let me leave until I agreed to take invega. My arguement to my mom was that going to that facility wasnt what made me the clear headed individual that I am right now. Quitting weed and gaining some insight on the illness and letting time take its course was. Also i was explaining to her that being hospitilized against your will is wrong. And if you say that when youre sick you cant even make rational decisions, all I can say is I was able to come to my senses just by letting time pass. Literally. I was smoking weed one day and it came to me that I wouldnt be going in this loop of confusion wondering why I havent inherited any money despite the fact that im 18 already. Like it just came to me. I’m crazy. I realized it. Being hospitalized only made me homesick and scared and angry. I’m sure a lot of You can relate. Doctors and family come off as so malicous when they try to get you to take meds or send you to the hospital. It seems like they hate you. What do you think of this whole shpeel?

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Forced hospitalisation saved my life.


Yeah I get that. But it just seems unconstitutional to me regardless of if you need help that you can legally in this country be confined somewhere against your will when you didnt commit any crime. To me, I think, if I wanna leave, I should get to leave. Its a free country, after all, but not so free in this instance. I also argued that im the hospital, there wasnt much they could do but give me more medication, (which I had already taken.) Being in the premise of the hospital didnt magically make my sz better. They didnt really do anything while I was there. I could have easily just taken the invega injection at home and in theory the effect it had on my symptoms would have been the same.


I. I’m going that route.

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That’s too much to read. You should really break it up into paragraphs so it’s easier to follow.

I have been hospitalized 4 times that I can remember. 3 were against my will and one time they told me if I didn’t go voluntarily for 10 days they would have a judge commit me for 30.

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This is probably none of my business, but you did post here, so:

I feel like what happened to you was inevitable because of your illness and your actions. You were smoking pot (no one told you to stop?) You were not taking your meds regularly. You were lying to your doctor. You were ill. It was gonna happen.

Glad that you are feeling better now, just keep in mind that meds often take months, even years (and sometimes never) to work on delusions, so the fact that it took almost a year doesn’t mean it wasn’t the meds.

Is the new one making you feel ill like the risperidone? Hopefully not.

Best wishes that you will be able to stay out of the hospital.


Is this kind of hospitalization still possible if you’re an adult?

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