Hospital time

Currently waiting for the mobile crisis team to come to my apartment but I am probably Going inpatient for a bit. Let this be a warning to all who might go off their meds. It will catch up to you.


The same thing happened to me back in 2010. I watched YouTube videos on how niacin (vitamin b3) cured schizophrenia.

So I came off my meds and took large doses of vitamin b3.

I just ended up psychotic in the hospital :hospital:.


Best wishes for fast recovery!

I hope you feel better soon

aw sorry…good luck in the ward.

I hope you feel better soon.

Thanks everyone. Currently waiting to be seen


Be completely transparent and honest. Good luck!

Don’t forget a hoodie or something they keep those places freezing.

A cool thing they’ve started to do in emergency department of hospital in my area, is have a mental health peer worker ready to hang out with you while you wait to be seen by a doctor. Cause sometimes waiting for 5 hours while suicidal or psychotic can be pretty stressful and dangerous for the patient. So I think its a great idea.
Anyway, good luck with your recovery! All the best.


I agree. That’s pretty cool to have someone understanding by your side.

Hopefully, you’ll feel better after your stay in the hospital.

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We wish you the best, Hanna.

Good luck! I just got out of the hospital yesterday after a 12 day stay. I’m glad I went, and even though they had me on a 1:1 most of my stay, they kept me safe. Don’t feel bad about needing higher-level care, you are worth it and deserve to feel better!


What happened? I thought you were doing so well.

I was doing pretty well but things started going downhill after they discontinued the clozapine and started the Zyprexa…it was giving me terrible akathisia which I didn’t realize was akathisia until the doc at the H told me. So all those miles I was walking were cuz I couldn’t help it…so, anyway, they couldn’t raise the Zyprexa when I needed more meds and, long story short, I started thinking that my suicide would cause world peace and environmental restoration. I was manic as all get-out. Very grandiose…

Now I’m on Latuda and Vraylar, 80 mg and 6 mg, respectively. Still a little manic but I told them I was good enough to go home. Part of the problem was I waited too long to ask for help cuz my pdoc told me “if you’re having suicidal ideation, you should deal with it in therapy, not the ER”…my therapist called him an ass!

If I could tolerate the clozapine, I’d go back on it all day long, it was such a good med for me! Except for the heart issues…oh, well, ya gotta do what ya gotta do! Oh, and I feel like a hippopotamus cuz in 12 days at the H I gained 3.5 lbs! They have such good food there!


I’m glad to read you’re doing better on the Latuda and Vraylar.

Good luck.

Thank you! Now I have to refigure out my purpose in life since I’m not longer the latest sza Messiah…back to the clubhouse friends, church, and volunteering at NAMI. Thinking I was the Messiah was really such a rush, life seems so mundane now!


I would switch to the purpose in life you had before the recent hiccup.

I hope you’ll like your life back again soon.

I’m glad you’re well again @WhiteRaven

Hope you feel better again soon.:pray:t4: