Horrible dream


My Mum was serving a meat dish to someone but when it came to my turn there was no meat. I asked her where the meat was and she couldn’t answer. Then i started shouting hysterically at her. Then i went to bite her . Then i woke up.

The ranting in the dream i can understand as IRL when stressed i have been known to become irrational and verbally volatile/hysterical . The biting part is slightly more strange although a while back i got it into my head that i had bitten people as an adult, and wasn’t sure whether it was a false memory or not.

Felt very shaken up when i woke. Nothing bad has happened consciously to trigger such a dream.


I usually can’t remember my dreams or nightmares.


I don’t often recall dreaming and then usually if i do the memory fades almost as soon as i open my eyes.


That is very lucky. I somehow remember most of my really bad ones. If they are too bad, I end up sleep walking.


i use to keep a dream journal and i have a dream dictionary to help me male sense of them,
the last one was pretty good and my dad was in it, well it was 50/50 could have gone good or bad
my dad was sitting on a couch in this cafe type place looking worried and i was sitting at a table then a man dressed in black walked in and he got a gun out with a silencer and was pointing it at me but he didnt shoot me it was like he was trying to make his mind up and my dad was just sitting watching (i think he was scared)

dreams are a funny thing, i believe if your dreams are really bad all the time then you have probably got a lot of problems, my dreams haven’t been too bad from what i remember lately, they probably would be worse if i was unmedicated.

my friend told me that she always had bad dreams about her mum but lately they have been better, i think things are getting better for now tho :slight_smile:


That is strange…nothing happened, huh? I’ve had dreams like that. My dreams usually take place in my inner world. My inner world is disturbing in itself… but what takes place in there is even worse. One time, in my dream, I was in a hospital, but everyone was bloody. One of my dream apparitions told me to kill myself. I was freaked out afterwards.


Dreams can have meanings and sometimes they are just dreams. I consider them to be my brains way of filing away events or trying to deal with my own fears and insecurities. They can all get jumbled together. For about 30 years the main theme in my dreams was of someone trying to kill me, kidnap me, etc. Ironically my mother would usually invite this person in for tea with them holding whatever it was that they were going to kill me with. The other theme was of me being lost or not being able to find something or someone. All my young adult fears of forgetting my locker combination or getting lost in new schools. I don’t think I ever felt like I could trust my mom so that would probably explain her helping my killer. My own insecurities caused the lost ones as I always felt lost and out of place. Only within in the last 3 years, I’m 41 now, has that changed. As my confidence grew and I learned to love myself, I also learned how to stand up for myself in my dreams. Now instead of running from my killer or kidnapper I face him, fight him off and try to rescue whoever else he had with him. I usually wake up smiling now after one of these dreams instead of being scared. Sorry for the length…


You know that common dream where you show up naked to something? I have that dream in reverse. Everyone around me is naked and I’m wearing my normal clothing and people are looking at me like I’m the weird one for wearing clothing. I’m trying to tell them “I’m normal. I’m wearing clothing just like normal people.” They all shake their head and say… “Sorry, but your wearing clothing, your not normal.”
I always wonder about that one.


It could be reflection on how you feel about trying to fit in and be normal. I think if I had that type of dream I would probably think that my mind was showing me that normal is only a matter of perspective or how you see things. Personally I don’t really think normal exists. Next time you have this dream try to think to yourself, it’s ok that I’m wearing cloths and everyone else isn’t. I’m happy to be me. It might help :smile:


Out of 10 nights 8 of my dreams are nightmares, maybe all of those scary dreams i dream is due to my youth violence. I haven’t dream a pleasant dream for many many years. But i don’t care i dont believe that all of them have some meaning. The meaningful once that wake up and thought about it happens once a year or two.