I had a bad dream

I was getting into a truck with my ex and we were about to turn left onto the roadway when everything changed and I was all of a sudden out of the truck and back alone in the alley. But it was like a split screen in a way, part of me knew I was really still back in the truck and I was just having a psychotic episode that I was alone, abandoned in this alley, and scary things started to happen. I started screaming and freaking out and my ex was trying to figure out what was wrong with me and I could barely eek out that I was having a psychotic episode. Then I just kept screaming take me to the hospital, all the while scary things were coming out of the alley, images that were crooked and distorted. I woke myself up saying out loud take me to the hospital. It sort of freaked me out.


i hope you’re ok and get to a place where you can calm down. Turn on the lights, sit up straight, move to another room, etc. Don’t let your mind stay in that place. Maybe you know better than I, I’m new…

But I just woke up from a lucid dream as well and almost lost control. This is the first post I clicked on. I am sorry it was scary but your desire to communicate and ability to share helped me and I hope that helps you. Thank you.


I´m sorry you had that dream. I used to write out nightmares to analyze what my brain had to tell me about my fears.

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I have nightmares too…sorry honey.

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I too have inexplicable dreams but rarely frightening.
Sorry. Glad you’re ok now.

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That type of dream would stay with me for a long time. I’m sorry you had it.

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I didn’t have nightmares since 1 month at least. Last time I dreamed that terrorists attacked us and surrounded us. I also dreamed that I was drowning in the middle of the ocean, chased by a bear that ate my head, attacked and eaten alive by ravens.

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I hate nightmares. Last night I had a dream a serial killer and rapist fell in love with me but he didn’t understand love and it confused him so he just decided to rape and kill me bc it was what he knew. He took me prisoner and made me walk around with him while he talked about things and I was constantly looking for ways to escape. I did escape in the end though so it was a happy ending. I always try to “beat” my nightmares and resolve them.

Sometimes when I don’t manage to do this I imagine a happier ending when I wake up and it makes me feel better.

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