Hope for recovery

The way Im feeling lately is almost too much to bear.

Its like I was walking around with delusions unaware of why and the reason is because it helped cope with pain.

Now that I feel more of my sensations/feelings Im feeling a lot of emotional pain… Its very hard without support or a licensed therapist or social connections.

Truth is Im really scared a lot and am trying to get through each day. Im scared of whats happening in the world and think perhaps more deeply on it than others in my family and it can cause me a lot of distress.

Right now Im clinging to hope that I will recover and become more of who I truly am.

So I want to put that out there that there is hope for recovery.

It just feels like between insomnia and feeling nothing at times I get to feeling like I might fall back into delusion because it seemed easier than facing some things in life. I know I won’t but the thought just scares me. It caused so much pain.

Anyway. Heres to hope for recovery against the odds.


“You never know what you are capable of until you try.”

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