Honestly,the way you uses this forum,is it helping you or stopping you from moving forward?

The way you use this forum,is it helping you or stopping you to move forward in life??

Last Friday.i message a friend and posted a link to this forum,my intention was to let him read one of my post and hopefully he can read it and give me some suggestion and advice.He got angry and asked me to move on and said I should stop visiting this forum.

I was suppose to visit him in Singapore the next day,but he messaged me and said I should only visit him “when I think I am not ill”,so we cancelled the meetup/meeting.

He is a guy whom I knew when I go to the support group at the hospital,not from the online meetup.I still had the very habit to go to this forum,maybe he is right,i might not be so ill if I didn’t visit this forum very often…

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It’s helping me through socialization, in whatever slow way I need to go, in order not to be overwhelmed and decimated and sent back to the end of the line.

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Not much of a friend if he is putting conditions on your friendship. You can do so much better.

I do however think there does need to be more support to move people more into RL more. Then constantly stay connected online. No idea what it is with forums on the net but they can get extremely addictive at times.


It did help me… but there are times where I get upset and oversensitive. That sets me off more then helps me… but I have to take the good with the not so good.

I’m sorry your friend got irritated.

I hope the best for you… If you feel your getting some ideas and benefit from this site… then it shouldn’t matter what anyone else things…

I have a feeling lots of people come and go depending on what is happening in life.

For me… It’s also NOT just the forum… the rest of the site… the research news… the new books coming out for caregivers… the studies… the other info on Sz.com that all helps me too.

All I can suggest if follow your inner feelings on this one. I hope things work out for you.

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I feel happy to be on this forum. I don’t think it adds to my problems…it has helped me in many ways. I agree with dreamscape. your friend sounds like an ■■■■■■■.

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I think it helps me more than it stops me from moving forward.

I think this forum works in different ways for different ppl.
As long as you think it works for you, you should follow your heart.


I get nervous about people judging me on it, but IDK I like to post on here instead of Facebook, and I can support people. I’m sure it helps a lot of people. It seemed to help me more than distract me. Then again, there were months I would hardly post. what’s wrong with posting on a schizophrenia forum?


This site is my outlet when the real world just won’t do.
Sometimes I need to say things that “regular” people can’t relate to, so I’d say it really helps me.
When things get to be too much, I just back off and do things around the house that I’d rather not do.


That’s a question you have to answer for yourself. For me, it is a great comfort to be able to talk to people who won’t judge me for being sz.


I too had a lot of problem posting and talking to people i know in real life.I like the unknown identity of myself here in this forum.In real life,I just can’t express what I want to say or even need to say

Talking online or using messages too much can be unhealthy though,I think you all know it.I tend to type a lot,use my mouth little

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I had issues with myself,my confidence rather than ppl judging me.I face judges too though and trust issue lol

It’s kept me on meds, and given me the courage to try different doses to see if I can stay on them.

Is the friend you’re talking about the one you didn’t go to the fun park with? Maybe they’re still upset about that.

Same with anything, on-line posting on forums & the internet in general has it’s pros & cons.

It doesn’t for me replace real World activities & real World human interactions. i’ve done a lot of on-line research, but that doesn’t beat reading good books. i’ve had a lot of in depth on-line discussions with people, but that doesn’t beat an intimate face to face conversation.

I have found out a lot about meds/dosages and supplements from this forum. It helps me to make informed decisions about my own care.

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Same here… I’ve gotten a lot of ideas on how to self advocate better and how to manage some of the day to day parts of my life.

For me it has really widened my horizons and given me some insight about how the rest of my life might go, should I have further psychotic episodes… At which point they might change my dx to sz.

But on the downside, I have spent a lot of time on Internet forums over the last six months, and I’m not sure it’s entirely healthy… I’ve learnt a few things, exercised my compassion, done some good, but in terms of really getting on with my life it has probably been a giant time sink.


It hasn’t always been a good experience for me, to be here,

but for some stupid reason I’m still here.

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I used to think I was helping people or sharing tidbits of wisdom.
Now I think everyone is different.
You may have family or docs or none. But sometimes you have to go it alone. Sharing here and reading stuff just gives me flashbacks.
I’m doing better not visiting at the moment. So I’ll just keep stuff private and carry on like usual.

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Hi Gtx1990! Please keep coming to this forum! Your relationship with this person has nothing to do with you getting the help that you need!

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