Home from hospital

I’m home after my sixth hospitalization, the first on an adult unit. I was doing poorly at home after my August injection wore off, and before the September one kicked in. My medications were adjusted (replaced antidepressant with a mood stabilizer), and I think my depression is getting better. However, I was taken off the injection and am now on no antipsychotic meds, so I’m a bit nervous about how that’ll go. Hopefully things work out. :slight_smile:


Are you diagnosed with anything? That is, if you don’t mind sharing.

My diagnosis seems to be either an unspecified mood disorder or schizoaffective disorder, with the latter being my diagnosis for about 2 years.

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Well, good luck off meds and welcome home from the hospital.

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Aren’t antipsychotics the same thing as moof stabilizers?

I think some of them overlap, but the one I’m on (lithium) doesn’t seem to be an antipsychotic.

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Ohh ok. Thanks for the clarification.

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Welcome home😃! And don’t sweat the ap’s, nothing to be a’feard of.

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In placebo trials, folks on lithium are less likely to commit suicide.

Wow, that’s great! So far it’s really helping my mood already.

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I’m glad the Lithium is helping you so far.

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