Holy Sh*t medication is expensive

I was looking at all my medications. The cost without my insurance would be $4800. Holy sh*t medication is expensive.

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Let’s just say it’s a good thing my wife is a teacher with full benefits. My meds aren’t cheap.


I know, I added up my meds and it would cost 5400 dollars. but luckily I have Medicaid. I think my Medicaid goes back to charging for my meds about 3 dollars a piece.

My state insurance covers my medication.

Yep, that’s why I went off of Abilify a couple years ago when it went generic. I couldn’t get it free through the brand-name manufacturer anymore, and even the generic was over $1000/month. My Haldol is only $8 at Walmart, and my Lamictal is $12 with a GoodRx coupon. I had been paying over $60/month for my Wellbutrin, but I just recently started getting that one for free. I get my Abilify injections free at the clinic, since those still have a patient assistance program, unlike the tablets. I wish I had insurance.

This is insane!!!

I get mine free here in Ireland also 190 euro a week free

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Sup pedro…1515151516

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im having few beers now, its my sons birthday today so im celebrating it, plus its my birthday tomorrow

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Omg happy birthday Pedro in advance …i like u man…take care…

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thanks Far mate…

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Hey, you know what else is expensive? When you go off your meds and lose your insight. Results in things like running up credit cards buying stuff to turn an entire room in your home into a Faraday cage to block out aliens. Got any idea how expensive it is to buy enough copper to shield an entire room?

Meds are a good deal.