Hollywood movies about psychiatry

How many have you seen?

I’ve at least seen One flew over the cuckoos nest, the epic classic. 5 stars
And I have seen Mr Jones with Richard Gere, 4 stars
And then Gothika with Halle Berry , 4 stars.

can you name some more

A Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe.

K-Pax, where he predicts that he will escape the institution for his solar planet at a given day, which he does.

They had us watch Mr. Jones in partial once.

Man that movie has a terrible message: Who needs meds? All you need is the love of your therapist.


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Girl Interupted with angelina jolie and winona ryder in leading roles.

That is too funny, and so true now that I think about it :laughing:

good will hunting
mr jones
donnie darko (love it)
prozac nation
a beautiful mind

Yeah I loved Donnie Darko - I also liked A Beautiful Mind

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Funny story, when I was a kid my brother and I shared a room. One night, late at night, Sybil came on the black and white television. We both sat and watched this drama from start to end. It was totally not the kind of movie you’d expect two boys our age to watch. But we were gripped by the story. My brother became addicted to dramas from that night on, I even called him “drama boy” because of it.

A good memory of bonding with my brother.


Thanx to threads like this I try to watch the movies you guys talk about. Some movies I watch now with a different understanding than I did years ago. Like K-Pax or Girl Interrupted. I liked Donnie Darko and A Beautiful Mind.


The Best Interest Of The Children. :cry: :cry:

The Best Interest Of The Children

a roller coaster of emotions watching ‘‘one flew over the cuck coo’s nest’’ well put together