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I am in the same situation my MI son is 30 years old, my youngest is 16 and he has a lot of resentment and pain for what happened to his brother. It’s difficult being torn into 2 sides, my 16 year old doesn’t understand and my 30 year old is too sick to reason, and it hurts me when they argue, it’s like my heart is torn into pieces. My life has changed tremendously, I am upset with my Relatives they haven’t been around for me I don’t have their support I am alone, my husband doesn’t help me and it upsets me to the point I just want to leave with my mentally ill son however he’s a handful and isn’t getting any better he’s been ill for 8 years now, he suffers from a movement disorder which makes matters worse. I hate this illness and how it has torn my family apart and the many families being affected by it…

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