Hobbies! what are yours?

Hey guys, what hobbies do you all have, i love photography and going fo long walks! Thoughts?


Bicycles, going on walks.

I have colored with colored pencils during the quarantine.

My hobby used to be photography too. I even bought a fancy camera a few years ago in the hope I could pick it up again but I didn’t really use it. So I guess I have no hobbies :joy:

No, nothing rocks my boat these days. Unless masturbation counts as a hobby.

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My favorite hobby is reading. :books: :nerd_face:

Also, I enjoy pampering my dog. That’s not so much a hobby as a way of life. :dog: :heart_eyes:


Playing board games.

Playing guitar and buying equipment.


I like football,soccer but I always injured my leg.I workout daily,guess working out or bodybuilding is my hobby now

Listening to music, making music, painting, and writing

Listening to music
Playing video games
Talking with my family and friends
Thinking about stuff

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It’s funny, my little dog often sits on the sofa next to me with an introspective look on her face, like she’s deep in thought. I ask her “Are you thinking about doggie stuff?” and she wags her tail in response, I guess in the affirmative. :smile:


My main hobby is birding. Otherwise I enjoy video games, listening to vinyl records, and studying Greek and Hebrew.



Playing the piano
Reading interior design books
Going clothes shopping
Going out for iced peppermint mocha frappe
or peach green tea
Doing yoga

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Video games
Listening to Music


I’m a knife enthusiast.
Love music


My hobbies currently are reading, studying filmmaking and new digital camera technology, watching films, and urban fashion. :slight_smile:


Wasting time on the internet.

I’m trying to study healing my blood-brain barrier, but I am spending days waiting for certain treatment based shipments to come in, and I don’t feel good enough to do anything without them.

So I lounge. Painfully.

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Okay Since The Last One Was Erased.


I Love Nature. All of it. I Would Love to Visit a Zoo to Speak With The Creatures There And Etch Some Beautiful Memories in My Wiring Forever.

I Have Many Memories of Wild Animals Saying Hello to Me. Some of Them Most People Would Consider Dangerous. Some Small. Some Large. Some Healthy. Some Skin And Bones.

I Enjoy Talking to People Out on The Streets. Kinda Like a Jungle of Sorts. Sometimes Someone Asks For a Smoke & We Chit Chat About Nothing. And Everyone Walks Away Happy.

I Used to Enjoy Movies. As I Got Older And Realized I Understood Art & Life as Much as I Needed to. I Would Put on The Headphones And Get Lost in The (Pink Floyd-Wizard of Oz), Type Of Connectivity. Got Bored After Some Fun Time And Walked On.

I love Women. Yep.

I Love to Write And Share Songs. But Don’t Have The Courage to Do it in Front of People. When I Gathered The Courage After Some Years. Someone Said, ‘You Sound Like an Angel’. I Took it as a Grain of Salt. And Kept Moving On. I Enjoyed it. And it Felt Good to The Emotional Bones. But I Had Much More Work to Do.

I Want to Be a Vegan. Yep.

Oh!. Hobbies. Sorry.

Hopefully Thus Post Stands The Test of Time… . … :100:

I used to enjoy movies. My ex husband and I would go see double features at our indie theatre. Now I rarely go out to see films. Or for anything else except the occasional concert.

I want to be vegan for ethical reasons. I’m a terrible cook.

If it Wasn’t For The Band Paramore Naming Their Official YouTube Channel ‘Fuels From Ramen’. I Never Would’ve Hung Around to Hear Hayley Williams Solo Album That Jus Got Released.

I Mean, The Video, ‘Still into You’ Was Amazing. But Something Kept Me on The Outside For a Long Time.

But That Girl is Outstanding With Her New Stuff.


(Off Topic Sorry). Kinda… . … :100: